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How old are these Led Zep fans?

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32 yrs old.

Can remember being 3 or 4 and listening to Zeppelin 3 and 4 with my father who is as obsessed as I am. He saw the Seattle 73 show and we saw page/plant 95 together. Would be a dream for the two of us to see a tour happen so we could share the experience together. :D

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47 :watchingyou:

a led zeppelin collector since ... 15 years? I don't remember

but a lz fan since 1973 ...

not ready to die yet :bagoverhead:

I'm 47 as well...

Was 17 in '77 when I saw the Band at Baton Rouge's LSU Assembly Center on May 19, 1977...

6 feet from center stage on the floor, I was literally deafened for 24 hours after the Show.

One of the greatest experiences of my life.

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