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Once you've clicked on one of the thumbnails and have the full size image showing, look to the left of the screen and click on "More Like These" and then instead of seeing 23 images, you will be able to see additional images of the same photoshoot(s) (some at the bottom are


Best Wishes.

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Hey great photos people, thanks for the link.

Did anyone notice the special cymbals Jason is using? His Zildjians have his father's symbol, the three intertwined circles, imprinted on the underside of them. Very cool!

He also is using a Ludwig Amber Vistalite 5-Piece like his dad used rather than his usual DW kit.


I wish i was there!

Pop I

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Tea For One - "I see Jimmy's rockin' 2 Marshalls (well, well, well) 4 Oranges, and 2 more heads I don't recognise. Hughes & Kettner?"

I think those are the Petersburg custom heads he used with PP. Looks like he's got four half stacks, each with a backup head (check out the pilot lights).

I was thinking of starting a gear thread about this...think enough people care?

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Outstanding photos :D to see the guys all ready to kick ass and show what it is like to walk in the grass with the Big Dogs.

I will eventually be doing a photo thread of the rehearsals and tonights show on my website I have been working on. It will be the usual: - pics in order of setlist etc.

I have been getting donations from photographers from around the world and have tons of unseen pics to share.

Can't wait to see these pictures. When I came to this forum I would always check out your picture threads.

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To those who were wondering about Percy's morphing t-shirt, etc.:

These pics weren't taken at the late Sunday afternoon rehearsal to which contest winners etc. were invited. It would seem the boys had been rehearsing at the O2 for a few days.

At that Sunday rehearsal Jimmy was wearing a white dress shirt under the long black coat (same as at the show) and his symbol WAS affixed to his rightmost amp by then.

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