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Ronnie Wood - Couple of Newspaper Items


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A couple of recent short items I found for fans of Ronnie.


The Sun (London); Oct 21, 2010; GORDON SMART; p. 22 Full Text:

(Copyright © News Group Newspapers Limited 2010)

RONNIE WOOD is seeing red after his art business Scream lost almost Pounds 500k last year.

The London gallery, run by his sons JAMIE and TYRONE, is Pounds 438,930 in the danger zone.

A source said the ROLLING STONE - an artist himself - is now trying a different tack.

He said: "This is no surprise in the current art climate. Ronnie remains optimistic, especially as he plans new directions."

The guitarist was close to passing out during his brilliant gig at London's Ambassador Theatre on Tuesday night, where he showcased his latest solo album I Feel Like Playing.

The rocker nearly fainted as he was playing so hard - or had he just spotted his accountant?

'I'm Ron the ball'

The Sun (London); Oct 1, 2010; p. 22 Full Text:

(Copyright © News Group Newspapers Limited 2010)

WRINKLY rocker Ronnie Wood has admitted life is clearer since he quit booze seven months ago.

The Rolling Stones legend, 63, said the stretch of sobriety is "quite a record" for him.

And the Paint It Black guitarist reckons his cleanliving lifestyle is helping him produce better art.

Ronnie said: "I look back at some of the paintings I did when I was out of it, and they are not bad either.

"But there is much more of a clarity in the music and the painting now that I am seven months clean."

He's also just released a solo album called I Feel Like Painting.

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Back in time to a magical night in the pub garden

Sussex Express

Published on Sunday 23 September 2012 10:19

LAST week’s unique picture in the Sussex Express of the one and only public appearance on stage together of rock legends Jimmy Page and Ronnie Wood captured the public imagination.

Not least from the BBC as they sought to interview the owner of the negative, local antiques expert Vernon Ward.

So here’s another image from that magical summer’s night in the garden of The Half Moon at Plumpton way back in 1977.

It shows Vernon himself, caught slightly off guard by photographer Fernando Valverdie, after chatting with Wood just before the Rolling Stones guitarist went on the makeshift stage to perform with the Led Zeppelin front man.

Wood is understood to have been a weekend guest at Page’s mansion, Plumpton Place.

full text & photo: http://www.sussexexp...arden-1-4286144

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That Sussex Express article is wrong...that was not the only stage appearance together of Jimmy Page and Ron Wood. They also appeared together when Ron Wood joined Led Zeppelin on their encore at the Nassau show of Feb. 13, 1975.

There's probably another appearance or two together they've made I don't know about.

Kenog, I won't even look at an article that comes from The Sun, a worthless piece of trash!

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