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Led Zeppelin / John Bonham Desktop Wallpapers


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:computertrash:Led Zeppelin Desktop Wallpapers :computertrash:

4:3 & 16:9

I started out with the intentions of cleaning up my desk and desktop on my computer and put a calendar photo on top of a cool photo of John Bonham I just found to use on my desktop. After emailing it to my good friend / partner from

Bonzo Bros Drums, Carl LiBrizzi, just for him to check out - he asked if I would mind making one like it for him, too... Only in the 4:3 format because he doesn't have a wide screen monitor!! Ummm... Well... OK?! Sure, bro! :slapface: Then I got another email with a photo attached and a note saying, "Hey! Could ya use this photo instead...?? :wizard: Sure! Why not...?? From there I was on a roll and threw 4 different designs together in both format sizes and decided to post them on my website and here for any Zep Heads who wanted to use a copy of them! Hope you like them! But if you don't - that's OK, too! I just don't need to know that bit of information!! LOL...

Rock and Roll... :drumz:









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