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Hi all hope your well?

Hi does anyone have a Led Zep tattoo, How does it make you feel to have a band symbol as an extension of your self?


I set a post up on this site called "Led Zeppelin Ink", if you look up the Tatt's on the "Photo's"

page or just type in Zeppelin Ink or Tatt's" & you should see the post.

Must say, that after I started the first one, another one popped up, so there are at least 2 sites on here.

Not to worry, as you can then look at both sites, & probably have more Tatt's to look at, (as in the More the Better).

The last time I looked on the post I put up, there were about 160 reply's so there's quiet a lot of "INK" out there, so go & Enjoy.

Hang-man. :ph34r:

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