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Last time Thank You was played

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July 29, 1973

Madison Square Garden

This was the last time this song was played and it is so special. John Paul Jones' last organ solo for this song was so much better than the other from the LA Forum performance. The whole song was performed perfectly in NY!

Btw; What does Robert say to say good night in New York?

Your thoughts??

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i really like those two thank you versions from 1973........wonder if those are the only two times they played it that year..........only two i'm aware of

Well during the U.S. of 73 they only played it at the Forum in early July and the third night at MSG. They did play Thank You 2 or 3 times in the European of 73. One night I can recall is at South Hampton.

I do like JPJ organ solos from earlier years but the sound quality can't compare to the third night at MSG. (The Garden Tapes Vol. III) The crowd sounds so quiet for Thank You and these are New Yorkers we're talking about!

But does anybody know what Robert said after Thank You to say good bye for the night?? I know he says "Good bye America!" after The Ocean but what does he say after Thank You?

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Both versions from MSG on 7/29 and L.A. on 6/3 are some of the best ever along with Blueberry Hill in '70, BBC in '71 and L.A. again on 6/25/72. The latter would have been a great way to finish off HTWW as the third disc is much shorter than the other two. I'm not crazy about the studio version, but the song really comes alive in concert. What a difference!

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I wish Thank You was atleast on the DVD and why wasn't Thank You on How The West Was Won either??

Quit leaving out the best stuff Jimmy!!!

The DVD I can understand since the footage might not have been their from either RAH or MSG(espeically the latter where it was a one off encore) but HTWWW was criminal, that version is alot of the reason why the LA 72 show was so loved.

I'm not a massive fan of the 73 SB's as they lack power that tracks like Thank You need but this was very slick final performance, nice gospel organ work from JPJ and smother soloing from Page than in LA without the hurt finger(although the concert as a whole from LA was alot better IMHO).

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