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Jimmy Page and David Coverdale recording


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I recently spoke to someone close to David Coverdale about his recording with Jimmy. The source said that David wanted Jimmy to record the album at his home studio near Reno, but Jimmy did not want this. Apparently Jimmy wanted to record in Barbados. David reportedly spent $1M to build a studio in Barbados and then after a while Jimmy decided he wanted to go to Spain to record? Can this story be verified by anyone here?

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David Coverdale's residence on Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx in Incline Village, NV (circa Late March/April 1991)

First day of collaboration...two-track demos...'Absolution Blues' written the first day

Second day of collaboration...'Feeling Hot' written the second day; both considered it a great opener for their live show

Collaboration continues...typically from 10am-3pm daily...eight additional songs written and later recorded…Jimmy suggested they continue writing and recording together in Barbados

Barbados (1991)

The collaboration continued while vacationing in Barbados…'Pride And Joy' written...it's working title was 'Barbados Boogie'

Little Mountain Studio 201 7th Avenue Vancouver, BC (circa Oct-Dec 1991)

Jimmy & David book studio through the end of the year to record new album with bassist Ricky Phillips and drummer Danny Carmassi. Despite a fever of 102 degrees, Jimmy recorded the solo for 'Don't Leave Me This Way' on the first take.

Criteria Studios in Miami, FL (Spring 1992)

...Jimmy reattempted the solo for 'Don't Leave Me This Way' but it did not surpass the previously recorded effort...

Abbey Road Studios #3 in London (Oct 1992)

...Two days to record final overdubbing and solos...

...Jimmy & David are joined by producer and engineer Mike Fraser to mix the new album

Abbey Road Studios #3 in London (Oct/Nov 1992)

...mastering of the 'Coverdale/Page' album is completed...

...Jimmy and David each submitted their personal running orders for the album...

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The owner learned Jimmy Page was in Vancouver and that he wanted a high powered VOX amplifier for the Coverdale Page sessions at the legendary Little Mountain Sound Studios. The owner being a musician, studio owner, and huge Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page fan himself, contacted Jimmy's technician (JS), at Little Mountain and offered the amp to Jimmy over the weekend. The following Monday, Jimmy's tech called and said that Jimmy absolutely loved the amp, and was interested in buying or renting it for the session. The owner said he wanted to keep the amp but offered to lend it to Jimmy for the duration of the recording. After three months, Jimmy's tech called and said they were finished with the amp, and that he could come down to pick it up. The Tech said the amp had been used extensively on the record, on about half the songs.
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O.k....they DID record. Not that they are recording now. The title to this thread is entirely misleading. Coverdale is currently doing a new studio l.p. with his group Whitesnake. Who knows if he can really sing anymore as it sounds like over a number of years he can barely talk...anyway.

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Thanks for the time line Steve! This sheds light on the whole Page-Coverdale recording process. That was a great album IMO. I wish the tour would have indeed made to to the USA, but then we probably wouldn't have had the Page/Plant collaboration. I do wish I could change the thread title as it is a bit mis-leading. I know that David goes to great lengths to repair and preserve his voice in between singing. I hope that he is in good voice for his new Whitesnake recording.

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