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Great singer + great guitar player

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It's obvious that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are masters of their respective crafts. One of the secrets to their sucess is the excellent relationship between Jimmy and Robert. It seems like many bands with "totally awesome" singer/guitarist combos just couldn't stay together for very long. I thought of this last night while listening to a '74 Montrose bootleg, what a butt kickin' guitar player and damn could Sammy sing! "Gee", I thought, "too bad they didn't make more than two albums!" I have a few questions for Ya'll:

Is it too much ego/competition to have two band leaders?

Which bands had the combo but couldn't stay together for more than a few albums?

Black Sabbath,

Free, (well Paul died)

Which bands actually stayed together for any amount of time?

Rolling Stones


Whadda think?

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A couple of bands that broke up do to tensions between singer and lead guitarist I'll add UFO and Deep Purple. Granted these bands released more than a few albums before they broke up/added a different guitarist or singer. Going with your original post not sure I would include Sabbath as they released almost as many albums as Zeppelin before Dio was brought in. I'll include Sabbath in my post as they broke up due to tensions between Ozzy and Iommi, I'm excluding the few albums thing.

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