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with pleasure I share with you my surprise and the joy I felt last sunday..... I was watching, or better absently hearing my tv, when suddendly the anchorman said: "and now tonight at "che tempo che fa" a monument, a rock legend, robert plant!!!!! I didn't know, so imagine my JOY To see the band OF JOY live on my TV !!!! They played "angel dance" and "House of Cards", and then Robert had - a bit short but interesting - interview ....Yesterday I read some newspapers and they asked him if he will come to play live in our country, and he answered he thinks to play here in 2011, but he didn't give a sure date.....I don't know if it's true, but to hope costs nothing!!!! what can I tell you? I read many interviews and saw many videos in this site thanks to your contributions, for most of you is easy to see RP in TV shows, but for me is not the same and so I can't find the words to explain my Joy.....SUNDAY 11/14/2010......what a fabulous surprise.!!!!.finally .let me translate for you a very amusing piece of an interview....after speaking seriously about economical and political troubles of nowadays, the journalist turned the speach about BERLUSCONI, and Robert said " I think he should have been one of the roadies during ours LZ tours during our golden age.....he surely could have fun!!!!!! I always see him painted like satan by cartoonists, so I think he could have fun with us , and with Black Sabbath too!!!....." :D you know Robert is always full of wit, (also if we have very few reasons to smile nowadays :( )...well I hope to have the opportunity to see him live soon....otherwise I'll continue to see him on this site thanks to your videos.....bye bye

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