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Which ITTOD Cover Did You Get?



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  1. 1. Which ITTOD Cover?

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I continue to be baffled by this. My vinyl edition most resembles #3, but the Dear John note hasn't caught fire and the background model is looking ahead rather than off to her left. I can only guess that Hipgnosis took many more shots than just the six usually depicted, and some found their way to the printers'. I've also seen a version of cover #6 where the blonde girl is looking over at the bar rather than off to her right.

Maybe my copy is like Willie Wonka's chocolate bar, and it's really an exclusive invitation to visit Led Zeppelin at their magical factory. Too bad I bought it in 1985.

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Looks like I have the comonal garden #2..... Did anyone ever wipe a damp cloth over the inner sleeve for the colour ??

I also have #2. I never knew about the damp cloth thing, how fun! I'll be back with my records in a month so I'll do it then!

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Amazingly, there's actually TWELVE variations of the six main images. For example, if you look at #3 above, you'll see that he has just lit the letter with his lighter. However, on one of the cover variations, this same general image is shown but he has yet to light the letter! In other words, each of the six images are photographed TWICE, moments apart. Pretty neat!

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