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The Birthday Thread

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Hope you had a lovely Birthday Jules fl.gif

thanks, mate .

rodders bought me flowers! ♥

Hope you had a lovely birthday, Julie! Have a wonderful dinner celebration. ^_^

thank you, looking forward to it :)

Hope you had a Most Happy Birthday Jules, and a lovely celebratory dinner tonight!!!

thank you sweetie :)

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Happy Birthday to SuperDave!

Hope you take some time off from your Superhero duties and enjoy your birthday, Dave. Kick out the jams and rock on, dude! It's a Celebration Day!

Cheers! :beer:

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happy birthday, Typo :)

Happy Birthday, TypeO!

Woohoo - thanks, guys!

To quote Furious Styles in Boyz in tha Hood - I'm not getting older, I'm getting better.


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Happy Birthday to you TypeO. Have a great day! :) Missy


Moar Birthday awesomeness!

Thanks, guys!

I'm having a good day.

Had a Birthday Breakfast at work, instead of the normal Birthday Cake.

It was pretty cool.

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happy birthday, Jason Bonham :)


I had no idea I shared a birthday with Jason!

Just found out today I share it with Rembrandt - thanks, Google.

That is so awesome.

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To Rick, and everyone I missed in June and July because of my trips, a Happy Belated Birthday to you all!

Today, August 6, I would like to wish Al Wizard a Happy Birthday! Keep those concert photos coming, dude!


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