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The Birthday Thread

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Paul, you're never late in wishing someone well. Thank you, I always enjoy your posts..

Charles, thank you as well...your children are lucky to have you for a daddy..

Geek freak..I love your name..thanks for the wishes!

KB, I love ya...and I have no problem announcing my age..47.. So there

Slave, nevermind...I owe you and hubby a happy anniversary!! xox

Jabe..ain't nothin better than some southern hospitality..my own step mother was born and raised in Nashville..I crave her chess pie!!! Many thanks!!

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Happy birthday, Kris, -- to the best looking woman on the forum.

Wow! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

But I beg to differ...

"The prettiest girls are the happiest girls"~Audrey Hepburn

And there are plenty of those here!


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Strider, you're the best.

That is all.

I'm merely a reflection of the goodness you send out. So glad you enjoyed your birthday.


Happy birthday today to Missy...missytootsweet! Hasn't been seen 'round these parts in quite a spell...but maybe she's lurking. Hope you have a peaceful day, Missy. I know Deb abd I miss you.

I drink a birthday toast to you. Cheers. :toast:

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