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The Birthday Thread


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aww cheers guys! the wife bought me Z1 reissue and the War on drugs last album, gatefold joy! then i went to Camden and bought Zep Paris theatre bbc green vinyl, CSN original vinyl, Beatles Revolver Red vinyl in mono , Mahavishnu inner mounting flame vinyl and Royal blood which ill admit, got boring after 3 spins, much like band of skulls

cheers for the wishes, very kind!

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She's magic

She's brilliant

She's awesome and great

She's original and unique

She thrashes and rocks hard

She's the master of her domain

She comes in colors. She's a Rainbow!

How's it goin' Lipslikecherries? I got you some cake and a little Moore.



The Best of Days to the one and only Lipslikecherries. I wish there were more people in the world like you. I really do. Youre a true rocker. btw: Are Jack & Meg really not brother and sister?They broke the mold with you. Others may imitate but don't come close. They tried Lipslikechapstick. Lipslikechocolate. Lipslikeketchup. They don't come close.

Your lips are cherry Led. No clones allowed!

This day is one Ill honor with spirit and joy deep down. To me its a day Ill hold dear and treasure. May this birthday year from today forward be one you look upon with a smile that is birthed within, only to break out upon its reflection throughout the infinite years to come. ~ Andy Panther


Rock on! For now & Foreva!

Cmon Cmon. Lets get this party started!

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Ummmm, yes...well, I am certainly not going to top Andy's extravagant birthday greeting/mash note, so I'll just keep it simple.


Happy birthday lipslikecherries! May your lips taste some tasty cake and ice cream and other delights on your special day. Rock on.

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