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Help with a poster!

Zep 4 Life

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It may be possible to get a dragon suit poster from the 70's and allow Robert to get back to England for his Wedding and gig he played following Wedding on Nov. 9th but I doubt it's real.

It seems as though they did not tour the US until 1969 and were still billed under the New Yardbirds. Check out the poster from Oct 25 1969.

Correction: They have dates in the US in December.



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So here is the poster I just got from my neighbor. I think its awesome, but the dates are throwing me off. 1968? isn't that ealry for Zep?

Was this a real show, or some random fake poster?

The posters that usually use this design are a dime a dozen and 9 times out of 10 have incorrect information which immediately gives them away as counterfeit.

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It's a fake, or to put it more kindly a "commemorative" or "souviner" Led Zeppelin item. The actual dates were November 6-7-8 1969.

Black Dawg - That New Yardbirds poster is from Oct 25, 1968. It is authentic and was sold at auction a few years back.

Sorry 'bout tha type-o. Maybe I should produce one with a '69 date and pawn it some poor schmuck as genuine commerative authentic collectors edition reproduction.

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