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Photo of Jimmy Playing Pedal Steel Guitar


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I have seen a colour photo (it could've been somebody's signature) of Jimmy playing a pedal steel guitar, it looks like it was taken around 1970.

Around the same time as this was taken.


Also, are there any of JPJ playing the same instrument?

I have searched for it but have come up empty.

If someone can help me with this it would be very much appreciated.


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Taken during a month of tour rehearsals at Manticore in Fulham, London, England in January 1977

Robert's t-shirt depicts the Swan Song logo, Jimmy's t-shirt depicts a Quaalude tablet (Rorer 714)

Yeah the T-shirt gives it away.

Just goes to show everybody's got one! :)

Not a sponsor were they? :slapface:

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It's definately 77 yeah! I know Jimmy said in an interview they were rehearsing baby i'm gonna leave you for that tour, but I don't know if Jimmy was rehearsing it on a pedal steel!!?? It would sound cool I guess, everything Zep plays does, right!!?

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