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The Show Has Ended! Led Zeppelin Refueled, Reborn!

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Some great footage of Black Dog was featured on the 10:00 pm BBC news in the UK

here's a awsome photo found on another site another site.


OMG just saw a bit on BBC world, probably the same bit of Black Dog that you saw, it sounded absolutely ELECTRIC in that arena!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh man that picture gave me the chills. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like for those people there, to see that. My god. Even if they tour, I'm sure nothing will match this event, its too special. But here's HOPING that they do a tour so the rest of us can feel some of the Led Zeppelin magic!!!!!!

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My husband and I were watching 'The Song Remains the Same' on VH1 classic tonight while the present concert was going on...I think he was practically in tears that we weren't at the show :lol::(

They had better do a damn tour :lol:

Thanks for all the updates to people who knew someone at the show though :thumbsup:

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I had tears in my eyes too and I wasn't even there. I remember reading an article a long time ago where Jimmy said, "It would be a criminal act to break up this band." I think that statement is just as true now, maybe even more true.

We need a tour. Preferably starting tommorrow morning, but I could wait until 2008.

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These are really worth checking out!!! Just quickly scroll past the pictures with the "personalities" that wanted to be there because it was an event. The other pictures are worth a thousand words!!

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Just got back from the gig.

Absolutely bloody amazing.

Loads of people in the audience were filming it, there's bound to be tons of stuff on youtube pretty soon.

Hard to sum up really, but a few observations:

1. Jason Bonham is a very worthy successor to his dad

2. The band certainly made use of 21st century technology in terms of the video screens

3. Very difficult to pick a highlight...but when that violin bow came out during Dazed & Confused, and the lasers surrounded Jimmy...that sure sent a chill down my spine.

Expect some boots soon. Not a lot of security checking, I sure regret not taking along my minidisc recorder...but I'm sure with the lack of thorough checks, someone got a copy of this gig.

Hi to Knebby and Leddy who I finally got to meet in person today!

...and of course hi to Chicken most of all. I'm so glad you were there with me.

No one else I would rather have gone with....respect!

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