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Robert Plant - Now and Zen LP news, charts, review’s and…

Presented from Roger Berlin’s

“Led Zeppelin museum in print – Berlin”

22.Day 03.01.2014

GUITAR USA 08.1988 - LP review

KERRANG! UK 10.09.1988 - Single review + Ad + News

MUSIK MARKT GER 15.09.1988 - News

SOUNDS UK 10.09.1988 - Single Ad

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Hi Tony

I must speak with a lawyer about copyright.
If the lawyer says that's ok when I'm in articles about Led Zeppelin,
a book published.
Then Results Next year comes the book, Led Zeppelin and their records reviews.
And in early 2016, led Zeppelin and their concerts.
Because here it has become very quiet.
Unfortunately I only have a few fans.
And a lot of work.
Roger Berlin

p.s. my first book "Led Zeppelin - four or more magazines"

buy by www.rogerberlin.de

This book is expensive, sorry.

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sorry to hear that Roger. It should not be illegal to post archival articles. If the original publishers wanted to make money from them - then THEY should make them available themselves for people like us to read.

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Roger, halten uns "geschrieben" auf der Copyright-Frage. von wo ich sitzen Sie teilen Ihre Fotos von Ihrer Sammlung. Wenn Sie ein Plakat fotografieren, in der Öffentlichkeit, wer besitzt die Urheberrechte an dem Bild? den Fotografen. Ich glaube, Sie sind in Ordnung. Ich habe einen guten Freund, der für den Rolling Stone funktioniert. Ich werde ihn zu dieser Situation zu kontaktieren. vielen Dank für Ihre Fotos hier. Grüße, bob k

Roger, keep us "posted" on the copyright issue. from where i sit you are sharing YOUR photographs of YOUR collection. If you photograph a billboard in public, who owns the copyright to the image? the PHOTOGRAPHER. i think you are ok. I have a good friend who works for Rolling Stone. I will contact him regarding this situation. thank you for sharing your photographs here. regards, bob k

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Here by the work, the new book, Led Zeppelin and their LP's.

Coming spring 2015, over 200 pages, maby 300 pages.

LP reviews, news, charts &....

Have you the new book coming?

Led Zeppelin - four or more magazines ?

Your german friend


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