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Rüdiger, ich bewundere Ihre Sammlung. Teilen Sie weiterhin Ihre Artikel

Danke Rüdiger für Dein Kommentar.

Thank you Rüdiger for your comment.

Wo bist Du zu Hause?

Where are you at home?

Roger Berlin

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hi Roger! have you seen these before? do you know anything about them?

the "Fan Mag" is 12 pages and has a history of the band with pictures up through the 1988 Atlantic reunion. It is written by Chris Welch.

"The Image" is a large Rolling Stone size newspaper. This is Issue 1 - #1 from May 1969 and has a feature on the Whisky A Go-Go and Rose Palace shows with a picture of Page with the violin bow.



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Danke Rüdiger für Dein Kommentar.

Thank you Rüdiger for your comment.

Wo bist Du zu Hause?

Where are you at home?

Roger Berlin

Ich lebe ein einfaches Leben in einem ruhigen Platz und eine gute Menge der Zeit zu reisen. Ich bin zurück und vierte zwischen Europa und Amerika.

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cheer.gifTomorror - Tomorror -Tomorror -Tomorror -Tomorror -Tomorrorcheer.gif

cheer.gifNine Days Weekcheer.gif

Led Zeppelin IV - LP news, review’s, charts and…

by Roger Berlin

1.Day 27.08.2012

MELODY MAKER UK 06.11.1971 - LP Ad’s

BILLBOARD USA 06.11.1971 - LP Ad

SOUNDS UK 06.11.1971 - Ad’s

MELODY MAKER UK 13.11.1971 - LP Ad’s + preview + news

2.Day 28.08.2012

SOUNDS UK 13.11.1971 - Ad’s

LA FREE PRESS USA 19.11.1971 - LP Ad

MELODY MAKER UK 20.11.1971 - LP Ad

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 20.11.1971 - LP review + charts

3.Day 29.08.2012

BILLBOARD USA 20.11.1971 - LP review

SOUNDS UK 20.11.1971 - LP review + Ad

RECORD MIRROR UK 27.11.1971 - LP review

RECORD WORLD USA 27.11.1971 - LP Ad

4.Day 30.08.2012

DISC UK 27.11.1971 - Charts

MELODY MAKER UK 27.11.1971 - Charts

DISCO EXPRES SPAIN 03.12.1971 - LP review

BRAVO No.50 GER 06.12.1971 - LP review

5.Day 31.08.2012

ROLLING STONE USA 09.12.1971 - LP Ad

CASH BOX USA 18.12.1971 - LP Ad

ROLLING STONE USA 23.12.1971 - LP review


6.Day 03.09.2012

MUSIK EXPRESS GER 1971 - Small article/Leserpost

BRAVO GER 1971 - News

BRAVO GER 1971 - Songtext

? UK 1971 - News

7.Day 04.09.2012

? USA 1971 - LP Ad

? JAPAN 1971 - LP Ad

DISCO EXPRES SPAIN 21.01.1972 - LP review + Charts

BEST Ano 4 No.42 FRANCE 01.1972 - LP review + Charts

8.Day 05.09.2012

POP No.1 SWITZERLAND 1972 - LP review

CREEM USA 02.1972 - LP review + Ad

CIRCUS Vol.6 No.4 USA 02.1972 - LP review

MELODY MAKER UK 11.03.1972 - Charts

9.Day 06.09.2012

BRAVO No.19 GER 03.05.1972 - Article + Charts

ROCK & FOLK No.64 FRANCE 05.1972 - Charts

BEST No.48 FRANCE 07.1972 - Charts

HIT PARADER No.96 USA 07.1972 - Reader's LP review

BRAVO GER 1972 - Songtext

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