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Hey, ist still here!!!

Have my friends here, no newspaper, from your country?

This newspaper come today from my japanese friend, Ebata.

And more new magazines with Led Zep on cover.

See you on 01.01.2013 on my webside.

Thank you Ebata for this, my japanese friend.

The Yomiuri Shimbun


Celebration Day Ad

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24 new magazines 01.12.2012

MUSIC BUSINESS WEEKLY USA 20.12.1969 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0002416

LA EDAD DEL ROCK No.28 MEXICO 15.10.1972 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0006215

CONECTE No.39 MEXICO 15.06.1977 LED ZEPPELIN Full Cover 0012315

CONECTE No.264 MEXICO 07.1982 PLANT Full Cover 0018841

METAL Ano 2 No.22 ARGENTINA 08.1985 PLANT Small Cover 0022843

MUSIK PRODUKTIV’S SOLO GER 02/03.1988 PLANT Small Picture 0026160

FACES Vol.5 No.5 USA 07/08.1988 PLANT Small Cover 0026671

VOICE Vol.1 No.3 THAILAND 08.1991 PAGE Full Cover 0030740

H-LE MAG FRANCE 12.1996 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0037640

GUITARE & CLAVIERS Guitar Heroes 21 FRANCE 1998 LED ZEPPELIN Spezial Magazin 0040215

GUITAR PART – TOTAL GUITAR FRANCE 30.09.1999 PAGE Small Picture 0041130

IN ROCK No.1 RUSSIA 07.2000 PAGE/PLANT Small Picture 0042343

GUITAR WORLD USA Holiday 2006 SWAN SONG Small Picture 0050090

THE GUARDIAN UK 12.10.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0058212

GUITAR PLAYER Ano 17 No.198 BRAZIL 10.2012 PAGE Full Cover 0058240

IN ROCK No.5(55)RUSSIA 10.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Full Cover 0058241

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG GER 17.11.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0058317


ROCK FIRST No.12 FRANCE 11.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Small Picture 0058341

LA HEAVY No.34(8)SPAIN 11.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Full Cover 0058342

THIS IS ROCK No.101 SPAIN 11.2012 PAGE Full Cover 0058343

JAM Ano 19 No.196 ITALY 11.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Full Cover 0058344

MOJO No.229 UK 12.2012 LED ZEPPELIN Full Cover 0058440

METAL HAMMER No.238 UK 12.2012 CELEBRATIO DAY Small Picture 0058441

407 new articles

MELODY MAKER UK 23.11.1968 -“Zeppelin Debut” kleine News Marquee Club and UK Tour

RECORD MIRROR UK 05.11.1969 - Led Zeppelin II Kritik by Paul Phillips + Charts

ROLLING STONE USA 16.04.1970 - US Tour News

BRAVO No.25 GER 15.06.1970 -“So stell ich mir mein Traumfrau vor“ Jimmy Page

POP SWITZERLAND 09.1970 - Page/Plant/Bonham/Jones je eine Seite s/w Poster

MUZIEK EXPRES HOLLAND 12.1970 - > New Pop Express < Led Zeppelin III

HIT PARADER YEARBOOK USA Winter 1970 -“Jimmy Page Magie Music Man” Bericht

SHOW MAGAZINE GREECE 23.01.1971 -“Led Zeppelin” Bericht mit Foto +

RECORD MIRROR UK 27.02.1971 -“Zep come to the people” Jimmy Page Interview by Keith Altham + Charts

EXTRA No.28 FRANCE 03.1973 - Robert Plant Interview by John Halsall

PARADE USA 09.09.1973 -“Overnight Millionaires” News by Pamela Swift

PARADE USA 23.12.1973 -“Traveling in Style” News by Pamela Swift

SOUNDS UK 18.01.1975 -“Sellout!” News Ticketverkauf NY MSG

NUOVO SOUND Ano 2 No.12 ITALY 29.03.1975 - Physical Graffiti LP Kritik by Mauro Eusebi

EXTRA No.52 FRANCE 03.1975 - Physical Graffiti LP Kritik by Mick Richards + Forest National Kritik +

DISC UK 12.04.1975 - Konzert Kritik Los Angeles 24.03.1975

HIT PARADER No.130 USA 05.1975 - Double page Poster J. Page + “Led Zep:conquering America once again” ++

POP Summer No.11 SWITZERLAND 1975 -“707 als Zeppelin-Starhip” News

RECORD MIRROR UK 16.08.1975 -“Plant in car smash” News + Charts

BRAVO No.38 GER 11.09.1975 -“Krankenhaus bye bye!” News Robert Plant

MELODY MAKER UK 20.12.1975 -“Can’t I say no to Zep?” kleiner Bericht

MUSIC LIFE JAPAN 04.1976 - News Led Zeppelin mit Foto

MUSIC LIFE JAPAN 06.1976 - s/w Foto Led Zeppelin + kleinen Text

ROCK SCENE USA 01.1977 -“Led Zep in the skies” Bericht

BILLBOARD USA 12.02.1977 - News The Song Remains The Same Film Premiere

HITKRANT No.6 HOLLAND 14.02.1977 -“Doorbraak in dertig uur” Bericht

BRAVO No.10 GER 24.02.1977 - > Pop Telegramme < Tour News Led Zeppelin

POP SWITZERLAND 02.1977 - News Plant/Bonham Band of Joy

HITKRANT HOLLAND 11.03.1977 -“Led Zeppelin prijsvraag” News mit Foto

DISCO EXPRESS SPAIN 18.03.1977 - News Robert Plant

SOUNDS UK 30.04.1977 - News US Tour

MUSIC LIFE JAPAN 05.1977 - News The Song Remains The Same incl.s/w Fotos

CREEM USA 05.1977 - News Led Zeppelin mit Foto

HITKRANT HOLLAND 02.06.1977 -“Waar gebeurd” News mit Foto

HITKRANT HOLLAND 20.07.1977 -“Jimmy Page kontra Who” News mit Foto

RECORD MIRROR UK 30.07.1977 -“Led arrested for assault” News

CHIAO 2001 Ano 9 No.31 ITALY 07.08.1977 -“L’incubo dei Led Zeppelin si chiama successo” Bericht 1 or 2 page missing

RECORD MIRROR UK 17.09.1977 - News Jimmy Page

ROCK & FOLK No.128 FRANCE 09.1977 -“Big Bass Boys” incl. John Paul Jones + > telegrammes < incl.Led Zep

HITKRANT HOLLAND 13.10.1977 -“Rekening voor Led Zep” News mit Foto

TROUSER PRESS No.23 CANADA 11.1977 -“The Final Page” Teil 3 des Interviews by Dave Schulps

POP Winter No.23 SWITZERLAND 1977 - News Led Zeppelin, Plaza Hotel Verbot

HIT PARADER INTERVIEW No.101 USA Winter 1977/1978 -“Jimmy Page” Interview from Hit Parader 12.1968

ONGAKU SENKA JAPAN 01.1978 - > Senka what’s happened < News Led Zeppelin mit Fotos

CIRCUS USA 16.02.1978 -“Robert Plant male vocalist of the year” Bericht by Robert Smith

HITKRANT HOLLAND 16.03.1978 -“Zeppelin in de bak” News mit Foto John Bonham

CONECTE MEXICO 19.03.1978 -“Led Zeppelin el ocaso de sucarrera?” News by Victor Manuel Alatorre

CIRCUS USA 03.1978 -“Page and Dacies trade verbal licks” News mit Foto

ROLLING STONE USA 20.04.1978 -“No contest : Led Zeppelin cops a plea” News by Evan Hosie

HITKRANT HOLLAND 19.06.1978 -“Led Zeppelin keihard terug” News mit Foto

ONGAKU SENKA JAPAN 06.1978 -“Zeppelin Struggle” News mit Foto +

DZUBOKS YUGOSLAVIA 08.1978 - News John Paul Jones

MUSIC MAKER HOLLAND 10.1978 -“John Paul Jones” Bericht by Gary Cooper

MELODY MAKER UK 16.12.1978 -“Zeppelin storm Europe” News

? USA 1978 -“Led Zep Rules!OK? ” Bericht by Bill Michanee

BILLBOARD USA 09.06.1979 - News Knebworth

BILLBOARD USA 07.07.1979 - News Knebworth Ticket Verkauf

MUSIC WEEK USA 11.08.1979 - Knebworth Konzert Kritik by Simon Hills & Jim Evans

RECORD MIRROR UK 11.08.1979 -“…but it took Led to lift the roof off“ Knebworth Kritik by Robin Smith

MUZIEK EXPRESS –Beton Special HOLLAND 08.1979 - Bericht incl.Led Zeppelin und Foto Robert Plant

RAM No.118 AUSTRALIA 21.09.1979 -“140000 Fans can’t be wrong! Led Zep…” Knebworth Konzert Kritik by P.M.

MUSIC WEEK USA 22.09.1979 - WEA Advertisement incl.Led Zeppelin

JOEPIE HOLLAND 30.09.1979 -“Led Zeppelin wat heeft leeftijd ermee te maken!” News mit Foto

HIT AUSTRIA 09.1979 -“Der Zeppelin steigt wieder” News

MUSIC WEEK USA 27.10.1979 - WEA Advertisement incl.Led Zeppelin

BEST No.136 FRANCE 11.1979 - 4 page Poster Led Zeppelin Knebworth + Charts

? HOLLAND 1979 - In Through the out Door LP Kritik + Werbung

BILLBOARD USA 16.02.1980 - Readers Poll Led Zeppelin No.1

VERONICA No.7 HOLLAND 16.02.1980 -“Robert Plant zet beste beentje voor” News

GRAND HOTEL Ano 35 No.17 ITALY 27.04.1980 -“Vola sempre piu in alto il dirigibile del rock” Bericht by Nicoletta Arcari

BILLBOARD USA 31.05.1980 - News Led Zeppelin

EL CALIENTE ?(Mexico) 06.1980 -“Rock” Bericht by Victor Manuel Alatorre

DZUBOKS YUGOSLAVIA 16.01.1981 -“Swang Song I Dalje Postoji” News Led Zeppelin

BEST FRANCE 01.1981 -“Le Crash” News Led Zeppelin

RECORD MIRROR UK 16.05.1981 -“Zep/Yes Supergroup?” News

BEST FRANCE 05.1981 -“Bob & Dave?” News Robert Plant

POPULAR 1 SPAIN 05.1981 - News Led Zeppelin

BLUE JEAN TURKEY 1981 -“Tarihlerle Led Zeppelin” Bericht

BEST FRANCE 09.1982 -“Le roi Page” Jimmy Page Bericht mit Foto

RECORD USA 10.1982 - Buch Anzeige Led Zeppelin A Visual Documentary

METAL FURY No.3 UK 1982 -“A short history of Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Bill Dolan

BEST FRANCE 01.1983 - Coda LP Kritik by Herve Picart

SMASH HITS UK 04.08.1983 - Big Log Sontext mit Foto Robert Plant

ROCKLINES USA? 09.1983 - News Led Zeppelin / Robert Plant

KERRANG! UK 09.1983 -“A band fit for heroes…”Page/Beck/Clapton Royal Albert Hall Kritik by C.W.

MUSIC Ano 5 No.51 ITALY 10.1983 -“Robert Plant il pilota” Interview by Federico Ballanti

ROCK STAR Ano 4 No.37 ITALY 10.1983 -“I resti del dirigibile Robert Plant” News mit Foto

ROCK & POP MEXICO 12.1983 -“Band of Joy – El grupo donde estaba Robert Plant” News + Bericht Led Zep

ROCK & FOLK No.204 FRANCE 01.1984 -“Rock Machine” Robert Plant Bericht

CIRCUS USA 31.05.1984 - Robert Plant In the mood Sontext mit Foto

HIT PARADER USA 12.1984 - News mit Foto Plant/Page/Beck

MELODY MAKER UK 26.01.1985 - > Record News < Page/Harper

AUDIO GER 03.1985 - News The Song Remains The Same

AUDIO GER 04.1985 -“Für Luftschiffer” News The Song Remains The Same + News Sea of Love

BEST FRANCE 05.1985 -“Jimmy Page” News mit Foto

SOUNDS UK 17.08.1985 - Robert Plant UK Tour Daten Ad

ROCKSTAR Ano 6 No.59 ITALY 08.1985 -“Dripper” News Robert Plant

BRAVO GER 14.11.1985 - News Jimmy Page

AUDIO GER 03.1986 - CD Kritik Pictures at Eleven by Nick Freitag

MUSIC SHOP GER 05.1986 - Mean Business LP Kritik

BEST FRANCE 06.1986 - News Reunion with Tony Thompson

HARD ROCK MAGAZINE FRANCE 07.1986 -“Secret Meeting” News Led Zeppelin

AUDIO GER 08.1986 - CD Kritik In Through The Out Door by Franz Schöler

MUSIC LIFE JAPAN 02.1987 - Buch Kritik Led Zeppelin In Their Own Words

KEYBOARDS JAPAN 03.1987 - > New Disc < Led Zeppelin II incl.kleiner Text

ROCKIN’ON JAPAN 06.1987 - kleiner Led Zeppelin Bericht mit Foto

BURRN JAPAN 09.1987 -Live Classics(15) Led Zeppelin Bericht

GOLDMINE USA 12.02.1988 -“Coda Recodaed” News by Michael Heatley

MASTERS OF METAL USA 03.1988 -“Led Zeppelin 1973” Bericht by Susan Whitall

SOUNDS UK 25.06.1988 - > Bookwork < News Jimmy Page

CROSSBEAT JAPAN 06.1988 - Now and Zen LP Ad

ROCK EXPRESS Vol.12 No.125 CANADA 06.1988 - Konzert Kritik Robert Plant Town&Country Club by David Hackett + +

CROSSBEAT JAPAN 10.1988 - Mumbo Jumbo Video Kritik

ROCK & FOLK FRANCE 10.1988 - News Jimmy Page Wasting my Time

FACHBLATT GER 09.1989 - Bootleg CD Kritik 20 Years Train Kept A Rollin by Harold Mac Wonderlea

HIT PARADER’S Heavy Metal Hot Shots USA 11.1989 - Foto Jimmy Page

HOT METAL STARS USA 01.1990 - Hurting Kind Songtext mit Foto

BRAVO No.8 GER 15.02.1990 - > Pop History < Incl. Led Zeppelin plus Foto Robert Plant

GOLDMINE USA 18.05.1990 - > Collectors Showcase < incl. Robert Plant Foto

GOLDMINE USA 24.08.1990 - Anzeige Collectors Guide 3.Ausgabe

HIT PARADER Top 100 Stars USA 11.1990 - Stairway to Heaven Songtext mit Foto

GOLDMINE USA 22.02.1991 - Four CD Kritik Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

GOLDMINE USA 05.04.1991 - Buch Anzeige The Illustrated Collector’s Guide To Led Zeppelin Edition 3

TYLKO ROCK POLAND 07/08.1992 -To Juz Koniec” Jimmy Page Bericht

MUSIKEXPRESS GER 08.1992 -“Nothing but the Blues” kleiner Bericht Robert Plant mit Foto

WILD AXES AUSTRIA Spring 1993 - News mit Foto Robert Plant

ROLLING STONE USA 04.03.1993 - > CD News < Led Zeppelin four CD by Pete Howard

WHO AUSTRALIA 21.06.1993 - Fate of Nations LP Ad

MUSIKER MARKT GER 15.09.1993 - News Robert Plant Fate of Nations

ROCK & FOLK FRANCE 10.1993 - Video Kritik Te Song Remains The Same

MUSIK WOCHE GER 06.12.1993 -“Zurück aus dem Rockolymp – Robert Plant” ein Satz mit Foto

OLDIE MARKT GER 12.1993 - Konzert Daten Germany Robert Plant

ROLLING STONE USA 08.09.1994 - News Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

TYLKO ROCK POLAND 06.1994 -“Wielki Final? ” News Robert Plant mit Foto

? Fall USA 1994 - Galas/Jones Tour Daten USA

ROCK KAZANI TURKEY 31.03.1995 -“Korsan baski rekoru” News mit Foto Robert Plant

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 17.06.1995 - Page/Plant UK Tour News

CROSSBEAT JAPAN 06.1995 - Video Kritik Unledded

Q UK 07.1995 - > Recommended < No Quarter Unledded Video

MOJO UK 08.1995 - > Live < UK Tour Daten Page/Plant

TYLKO ROCK POLAND 11.1995 - News Robert Plant

? (Newspaper) HOLLAND 06.1995 -“Page & Plant doen wonderen” Vorst-National Konzert Kritik by T.Lowette

? (Newspaper) HOLLAND 06.1995 -“Een neus voor avontuur” Vorst-National Konzert Kritik by Dirk Steenhaut

GOLDMINE USA 12.04.1996 - > Talk Talk < “Little Roger” kleiner Bericht by Jeff Tamarkin

DISCOVERIES USA 07.1996 - CD Kritik Together Again II Page/Plant by Dave Thompson

POPULAR 1 SPAIN 01.1997 - LP Kritik TSRTS by Carlos Diaz + News Led Zeppelin mit Foto R.Plant

METAL EDGE USA 01.1997 - News Robert Plant mit Foto

METALL HAMMER GER 02.1997 - News mit Foto Jimmy Page

CYBER GER 09.1997 -“Ballonfahrt Verlosung …going up like a Led Zeppelin” Verlosungs Anzeige

MUSIKEXPRESS GER 11.1997 - News Ahmet Ertegun

Q UK 01.1998 - > re-releases < BBC Sessions by Paul Rees

WOM GER 01.1998 - LP Kritik BBC Sessions by O.Ku. + News Led Zeppelin

ROCK REPORT CZECH REP. 01.1998 - BBC Werbung + Konzert Anzeige Page/Plant Prag 25.02.98

METALL HAMMER GER 02.1998 - News Led Zeppelin

ROCK DE LUX SPAIN 02.1998 - > Breves < “The Same” kleine News by Jordi Bianciotto

GUITAR WORLD USA 02.1998 - > TuneUps < “Page/Plant the second coming” News eine Seite

ROCKIN’ON JAPAN 03.1998 - Konzert Anzeige Page/Plant

DISCOVERIES USA 03.1998 - LP Kritik BBC Sessions by Carlo Wolff + Buch Kritik Led Zeppelin Live

ACCESS ALL AREAS GER 03.1998 - BBC Sessions LP Kritik

HEAVY ROCK No.175 SPAIN 03.1998 -“Led Zeppelin vs The Doors” Bericht

METALL HAMMER GER 04.1998 - > Business News < Page/Plant new album

MUSICA TUTTO ITALY 05.1998 -“Vecchi ? Ma va, tostissimi” Bericht incl. LP Kritik

METAL HAMMER No.126 SPAIN 05.1998 -“Page Plant Viajando por el Mundo Perdido!” Bericht + LP Kritik und Ad

ACCESS ALL AREAS GER 06.1998 - Walking into Clarksdale LP Kritik

CROSSROADS Vol.35 THAILAND 06.1998 - Page/Plant Bericht 6 Seiten

SELECT UK 07.1998 - Konzert Anzeige Reading Festival England 28.08.1998 incl. Page/Plant

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 15.08.1998 - Konzert Anzeige Reading Festival England 28.08.1998 incl. Page/Plant

ALL ACCESS AREAS GER 08.1998 -“Bizarres Billing” News Page/Plant Bizarre Festival incl.Foto

CLASSIC ROCK UK 11.1998 - Page/Plant UK Tour Daten

BRAVO No.52 GER 12.1998 - News Page/Plant

GOOD TIMES No.2 GER 04/05/06/1999 -“Szenen einer Ehe Page & Plant” Bericht by Dieter Paul Rudolph

ROCKIN’ON JAPAN 09.1999 - Robert Plant 51th birthday fair Anzeige

BASSIST UK 10.1999 - Two Issues Free Anzeige mit John Paul Jones Cover Magazin

BILLBOARD USA 27.03.1999 - > Newsmaker < incl.Page/Jones

CLASSIC ROCK UK 02.2000 - Plant and The Priory of Brion Konzert Kritik Telford by Pandora+J.P.Jones

? GER 08.2000 - Page/Crowes LP Kritik by MN

MOJO UK 09.2000 -“Heavy friends” Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Bericht by Mat Snow

UNCUT UK 10.2000 - Page/Crowes LP Kritik by Chris Roberts

CLASSIC ROCK UK 12.2000 -“Page & Crowes on the march” News

REVOLVER USA Winter 2000 - Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes LP Anzeige

UNCUT UK 02.2002 - P.Grant – The man who Led Zeppelin Buch Kritik by Carol Clerk

GUITAR ONE USA 02.2002 - You skook me Text und Noten

AUDIO GER 03.2002 - The Thunderthief LP Kritik by Claus Dick

AUDIO GER 07.2002 - Dreamland LP Kritik by Christiane Rebmann

SPIN UK 09.2002 - 40 Greatest Metal Albums of all Time Zep IV Platz 2 + Bericht incl.Led Zep

TERAZ ROCK POLAND 02.2003 -“jak zdobyto Dziki Zachòd” kleiner Bericht mit Foto Jimmy Page

CLASSIC ROCK UK 04.2003 -“Monumental” Early Days & Latter Days Kritik by Ian Fortnam

TERAZ ROCK No.3 POLAND 05.2003 -“Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Pawel Brzykcy

LES INROCKUPTIBLES No.395 FRANCE 25.06.2003 -“La quequette de l’ouest” Led Zeppelin Bericht by Stephane Deschamps

HIT PARADER USA 09.2003 -“Gearing up with Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Ryan Abraham

AUDIO GER 03.2004 - DVD Kritik The making of a supergroup by Jürgen Seibold

Q UK 07.2004 - Platz 9 Led Zeppelin III kleiner Bericht mit Foto by Andy Fyfe

MOJO UK 08.2004 -“The Guv’nors” Bericht by Charles Shaar Murray

OLDIE MARKT GER 09.2004 - News Led Zeppelin

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 16.10.2004 - HMV Anzeige No Quarter Unledded

AUDIO GER 12.2004 - No Quarter Unledded DVD Kritik by Claus Böhm

MUSIKER MARKT No.18 GER 2004 -“Gemeinsamer Gig bedeutet Freundschaft” News Robert Plant

VISIONS GER 10.2005 - Germany Tour Daten Robert Plant

TOTAL GUITAR UK 01.2006 - kleiner Absatz mit Foto How the west was won

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 08.04.2006 - > The Recommender < incl Led Zeppelin mit Foto

GOLDMINE USA 05.01.2007 - > The Insider < Bericht über Konzertposter by John Koenig incl. Led Zep

POPULAR 1 No.400 SPAIN 02.2007 -“1975:La cima creativa de Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Sergio Martos

Q UK 05.2007 - kleines Foto mit Text vom 14 jährigen Jimmy Page

DE STANDAARD HOLLAND 18.11.2007 -“Mijn god, wat waren wij ongelooflijk…” Bericht by Jean-Paul Heck

HUSUMER NACHRICHTEN GER 11.12.2007 -“Rock-Comeback? ” News

SEVEN UK 16.12.2007 -“Stairway to Ecstasy”O2 Kritik by Ben Thompson

PIRANHA GER 12.2007 - Mothership LP Kritik by Marcel Anders

GUITAR GER 12.2007 -“Fingerzeig des Schicksals” News Jimmy Page

GUITARIST No.297 UK 12.2007 -“The rise & rise of…Jimmy Page” Bericht by Charles Shaar Murray

GOOD TIMES No.6 GER 12/01.2007 - Plant Interview + Raising Sand LP Anzeige + News Led Zeppelin

ROCKS No.1 GER Winter 06/2007 - Robert Plant/Alison Krauss LP Kritik by Daniel Böhm

HUSUMER NACHRICHTEN GER 02.01.2008 -“Led Zeppelin spielt bei US-Festival” News

UNCUT UK 01.2008 - > The Uncut Best < Platz 4 Plant/Krauss + TSRS DVD Kritik by D.Quantick

GUITAR GER 01.2008 -“Legen Led Zeppelin nach?” News + Mothership LP Kritik

ROLLING STONE GER 01.2008 - Mothership LP Kritik by Franz Schöler

VISIONS GER 01.2008 -“Doch manschmal kommen sie wieder…” News mit Foto Zep

Q UK 01.2008 - The Q Interview Led Zeppelin by Robert Sandall

GUITARIST UK 02.2008 -“Celebration Night”O2 Arena Kritik

GUITAR TECHNIQUES UK 02.2008 - > Classic Album < Led Zeppelin II

OLDIE MARKT GER 02.2008 - News Led Zeppelin

ECLIPSED GER 02.2008 -“Denkmal-Plege” O2 Arena Kritik + News Led Zeppelin und Robert Plant

MELODIE & RHYTHMUS GER 02.2008 - > Leserbriefe < Led Zeppelin incl.Foto

GUITAR TECHNIQUES UK 03.2008 - > Album of th month < Mothership

UNCUT UK 03.2008 - Plant/Krauss UK Tour Daten

CLASSIC ROCK UK 04.2008 -“Zeppelin ready to tour…” News mit Foto Robert Plant +

ECLIPSED GER 04.2008 -“Page & Plant” kleiner Bericht vom Bizarre Festival by Sascha Seiler

GUITARIST UK 04.2008 -“Folk Britannia” kleiner Bericht incl.John Paul Jones

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 05.2008 -“My Back Pages” Bericht Jimmy Page +

SOUNDI FINLAND 06/07.2008 -“Zeppelin rundille ensi vuonna?” News

MOJO UK 08.2008 -“Still Ramblin’on?” Bericht Foo Fighters und Page/Jones + +

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 20.09.2008 - > Gutter < incl.Plant/Page mit Foto

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 29.11.2008 - Uncut Anzeige Jimmy Page on Cover

ROLLING STONE GER 11.2008 - News Mothership

UNCUT UK 11.2008 - DVD Werbung Down the Tracks the Music that influenced Led Zeppelin

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 11.2008 - DVD Werbung Down the Tracks the Music that influenced Led Zeppelin

ECLIPSED GER 11.2008 - Buch Kritik Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

GUITARIST UK 11.2008 -“What a carry on” kleiner Bericht Led Zeppelin mit Foto

ROCKS No.7 GER 11/12.2008 -“Geschichte eines Album-Cover” Zep III Bericht by Daniel Böhm

Q UK 12.2008 - News Plant/Krauss

MELODY & RHYTHMUS GER 12.2008 - News Led Zeppelin

GUITAR TECHNIQUES UK 12.2008 - DVD Kritik Down the Tracks the Music that influenced Led Zeppelin

ROLLING STONE GER 12.2008 - Buch Kritik Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin by Birgit Fuß

GOOD TIMES No.6 GER 12/01.2008 - Buch Kritik Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 17.01.2009 -“Led Zep over” News

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 24.01.2009 -“I want to sound like..,. Led Zeppelin” Joe Avrilli spricht

ACCESS ALL AREAS GER 01.2009 - Buch Kritik Hammer of the gots…Led Zeppelin – Die Saga

ECLIPSED GER 01.2009 - Buch Anzeige – Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin –

CLASSIC ROCK UK 01.2009 - > Event of the year < Led Zeppelin O2 World kleiner Absatz + Bild

UNCUT UK 01.2009 -“I first met Jimmy on Tolworth Broadway…Bericht/Interviews

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 02.2009 - When Giants Walked The Earth – Buch Kritik by Dave Lewis +

CLASSIC ROCK UK 02.2009 - Buch Kritik When Giants Walked…by T.Batcup kleiner Presence Bericht

ROCKS No.9/2 GER Spring 2009 - > News & Meldungen < “Dead Zeppelin ?”

GOLDMINE USA 24.04.2009 - > In the news < “Huge Led Zep collection sold” Auktions Bericht

GUITAR GER 03.2009 -“Der Zeppelin bleibt am Boden” News mit Foto

ECLIPSED GER 04.2009 - Buch Anzeige Robert Plant und die solo Jahre

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 04.2009 - kleiner Bericht über den Verkauf eines Zep Tour Posters für 2,900 Pfund

GOOD TIMES No.2 GER 04/05.2009 - News Plant/Krauss mit Foto

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 30.05.2009 -“Led Zeppelin VS The Blues” kleiner Bericht mit Foto Plant

CLASSIC ROCK UK 05.2009 - > Greatest Singer in Rock < incl Robert Plant Platz 3

Q UK 06.2009 - Led Zeppelin – Neal Preston Buch Kritik by Phil Mongredien

ROCKS No.12 GER 09/10.2009 -“Plant trifft Drogenberater” News

MOJO UK 10.2009 -“Carrion Rock!” News TCV mit live Foto

Q UK 10.2009 -“Heavy! Heavy! Heavy!” TCV Bericht

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 07.11.2009 - > Next Week < Anzeige TCV eine ganze Seite

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 28.11.2009 - NME Charts TCV Platz 13 mit Foto

MELODY & RHYTHMUS GER 11.2009 -“Die buckligen Aasgeier” TCV Bericht und Germany Tourdaten

METAL HAMMER UK 11.2009 - Platz 8 Physical Graffiti kleiner Bericht

GOOD TIMES No.6 GER 12/01.2009 - > Rar und teuer < John Paul Jones Baja/A foggy day in Vietnam

ROCK SOUND UK X-mas 2009 - Them Crooked Vultures LP Kritik

ROCKS GER 01.2010 - Them Crooked Vultures LP Kritik by Henning Richter

ROLLING STONE GER 01.2010 -“Neuer Bastard” Them Crooked Vultures LP Kritik by Frank Schäfer

CLASSIC ROCK UK 01.2010 - Free MP3s every day! Incl. TCV mit Foto

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 01.2010 -“A case of Page freght” News Jimmy Page

ROCKS No.8 GER 01.2010 -“Fuck off, Zeppelin” kleiner Bericht + News Led Zeppelin

GUITAR & BASS UK 02.2010 - kleiner Physical Graffiti Bericht

GOOD TIMES No.1 GER 02/03.2010 - Buch Kritik Robert Plant und die solo Jahre

MELODY & RHYHTMUS GER 03.2010 -“Robert Plant – die frühen Jahre” Buch Kritik by Stefan Krell

CLASSIC ROCK GER 03.2010 - News Plant/Krauss incl. Foto

CLASSIC ROCK UK 03.2010 - Konzert Kritik TCV London Hammersmith Apollo

RECORD COLLECTOR No.373 UK 03.2010 -“Leave the mistakes in-you never…”by Dave Lewis +Page Interview by J.W.

CLASSIC ROCK UK 04.2010 - > The 30 greatest collaborations ever < Led Zeppelin/Sandy Denny

ECLIPSED GER 04.2010 - Buch Kritik Robert Plant und die solo Jahre

ECLIPSED GER 05.2010 - News Robert Plant

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 05.2010 - > Storm Warning < News Zep + win Led Zep III

CLASSIC ROCK UK 05.2010 -“Led Zeppelin – Kashmir” Bericht by Mick Wall

Q UK 05.2010 -“Exclusive! Plant plays Abbey Road” Bericht

ROCKS No.16 GER 05/06.2010 -“Geschichte eines Albumcovers” Presence Bericht

GUITARIST FRANCE 05/06.2010 - Ernie Ball Anzeige mit Jimmy Page

GUITARIST UK 07.2010 - > Win! < Treasures of Led Zeppelin book kleiner Text mit Foto

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 07.2010 - > Letters < “Letter of the month” Bericht by Rob Munday + Led Zep III

ECLIPSED GER 07/08.2010 - News mit Foto Robert Plant

Q UK 08.2010 - Buch Kritik Treasures of Led Zeppelin by Ben Mitchell

GOOD TIMES No.4 GER 08/09.2010 - > Rar & Teuer < The Hairy Ones LP incl Jimmy Page

DAILY MIRROR - THE TICKET UK 10.09.2010 -“A thing of Joy” CD of the week Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 11.09.2010 - Robert Plant & Band of Joy LP Kritik by Jeremy Allen

HUMO HOLLAND 14.09.2010 -“Klasse voor ouderen” Band of Joy LP Kritik by (jub)

ECLIPSED GER 09.2010 - News Robert Plant mit Foto

GUITARIST UK 10.2010 -“Page’s Pages” News mit Fotos vom Buch der Bücher

ROLLING STONE GER 10.2010 - News Led Zeppelin

READY 2 ROCK No.5 GER 10/11.2010 - Robert Plant & Band of Joy LP Kritik by Birgitt Schwanke

GOOD TIMES No.5 GER 10/11.2010 - News John&Jason Bonham & Led Zeppelin + Robert Plant LP Kritik +Page

TOTAL GUITAR UK 11.2010 - > Star letter < incl.Robert Plant und Foto

UNCUT UK 11.2010 -“The 20 best Americana Albums” Robert Plant Platz 5

TOTAL GUITAR UK Winter 2010 -“Jimmy Page Turner” News new book

UNCUT UK 12.2010 - > Uncut Recommends < incl.Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

OLDIE MARKT GER 12.2010 - Robert Plant & Band of Joy LP Kritik

MOJO UK 01.2011 - > Best of 2010 < DVD of the year It Might Get Loud + Plant LP Platz 32

ROCKS No.20 GER 01.2011 - Robert Plant and the Band of Joy kleine LP Kritik

GUITAR & BASS UK 01.2011 - > Humbucker Special < “Five Great PAF Alternativer” incl.Page Foto

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 03.2011 -“This Day in Led Zeppelin” kleiner Absatz

UNCUT UK 03.2011 -“House of the unholy” Bericht by David Cavanagh

CLASSIC ROCK UK 04.2011 - > Free MP3s every day < incl.Robert Plant mit Foto

MOJO UK 08.2011 -“When all is one and one is all” Bericht + Buch Kritik Led Zeppelin Feather..

GUITARIST UK 09.2011 - News Jimmy Page`s Webseite

THE WORD UK 09.2011 -“Lunar Tunes” Latitude Festival Bericht incl.John Paul Jones

TOTAL GUITAR UK 09.2011 - ganzseitige Anzeige next Classic Rock Magazin mit Led Zeppelin on Cover

GUITAR TECHNIQUES UK 09.2011 - > Play : Minor Blues < incl. Jimmy Page Bericht und Noten

GUITAR GER 09.2011 - Black Dog Bericht & Noten

THE WORD UK 09.2011 - kleiner Bericht über das Cover von Led Zeppelin II

CLASSIC ROCK UK 09.2011 -“And it’s goodnight from them…” Bericht Black Crowes & Jimmy Page

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 09.2011 -“Eyes Wide Shuttered” Bericht incl. Led Zeppelin

UNCUT UK 10.2011 - Robert Plant`s Blue Note Kritik by Terry Staunton

CLASSIC ROCK UK 10.2011 -“The life and death of P.Grant” by Mick Wall + News J. Page`s Webseite

MOJO UK 10.2011 - > Mojo Honours List 2011“ incl Jimmy Page

ROCKS No.25/6 GER Herbst 2011 -“Hüttenzauber” Bericht by J.Staude News “Der Mann den sie Zep nennen”

MOJO UK 11.2011 -“Stairway to the upper circle” kleiner Bericht mit Foto Jimmy Page

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 11.2011 - Robert Plant`s Blue Note Kritik by Michael Heatley

GUITAR & BASS UK 11.2011 -“Physical graffiti Workshop Jimmy Page” Bericht & Noten

CLASSIC ROCK UK 12.2011 - kleiner Bericht über Zep`s IV + eine Seite Jimmy Page Foto incl.kleiner Text

MOJO UK 12.2011 - >What goes on! < incl.R.Plant + “Led Read” News Tight but loose

TOTAL GUITAR UK 12.2011 -“Folking Legend” Interview Roy Harper incl.Jimmy Page

RECORD COLLECTOR No.396 UK Christmas 2011 -“Symbol of the age” Bericht by Dave Lewis

GUITAR & BASS UK 01.2012 -“Jimmy Page : Knighthood?” News mit Foto +

GUITARIST UK 01.2012 -“Tribute Bands Feature” eine Seite Jimmy Page

ROCKS No.26 GER 01/02.2012 -“John Bonham” Bericht + “Luftschiff ahoi!” News

GOOD TIMES GER 02.2012 - Led Zeppelin FAQ Buch Kritik by utw

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 02.2012 -“IV your information” Bericht über die vierte von Zep Asylim Records

UNCUT UK 02.2012 - The Uncut Collection inc. Robert Plant Poster

CLASSIC ROCK UK 02.2012 -“Swan Song Records” incl. Led Zep Alben + Robert Plant Album

CLASSIC ROCK GER 02.2012 - > Auslese – Neuauflagen < Bericht Led Zeppelin IV by Michael Köhler

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 03.2012 - > News < “Preston West End” mit Jimmy Page

GUITARIST UK 03.2012 - Led Zeppelin FAQ Buch Kritik

ROLLING STONE GER 03.2012 - Led Zep’s Physical Graffiti LP kl.Bericht übers Design

GOOD TIMES GER 04.2012 - News Robert Plant DVD – Live From The Artists Den –

GUITAR & BASS UK 05.2012 - LP Kritik Lucifer Rising

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 09.06.2012 - Ganzseitige Anzeige The ultimate music guide Led Zeppelin

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 16.06.2012 - Ganzseitige Anzeige The ultimate music guide Led Zeppelin

CLASSIC ROCK UK 06.2012 - News Jimmy Page

GUITAR GER 06.2012 -“Led Zeppelin : Achilles Last Stand” Text und Noten

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 06.2012 -“London’s real rock underground” Bericht incl. Led Zeppelin + News Plant

GUITARIST UK 06.2012 -“In Theory” Communication Breakdown Text & Noten & Foto by A.Clark

ECLIPSED GER 07.2012 - > News < “US Fan der sich in Led Zep II umbenennen …” by Steven Thom.

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 07.2012 - LP Kritik Lucifer Rising by Dave Lewis

UNCUT UK 07.2012 -“Jimmy Page’s Lucifer Rising” Bericht by John Mulvey

CLASSIC ROCK UK 07.2012 -“Led Zeppelin Swan Song” Bericht by Dave Lewis

TOTAL GUITAR UK 07.2012 - > Learn to play < Bring it on home Led Zeppelin Bericht & Noten & Fotos

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS UK 04.08.2012 -“The end of illegal downloading” Bericht inc.Robert Plant und Foto

UNCUT UK 08.2012 - DVD Kritik Robert Plant’s Live from Artists Den by Andy Gill + Anzeige…

THE WORD UK 08.2012 - > Events < Plant & The Sensationel…Gloucester Kritik + New DVD Ad

CLASSIC ROCK UK 08.2012 - > Photo Pass < Led Zeppeli Heath Hotel Bewdley 28.04.1990 Bericht

ROCKS No.28/3 GER Summer 2012 -“Luzifer erhob sich ohne einen Zeppelin” News neue LP Lucifer Rising

CLASSIC ROCK No.173 UK Summer 2012 -“The 7 Events that shaped 77” No.1 Led Zeppelin + News Jimmy Page

GUITARIST UK Summer 2012 -“Jimmy meets Angus” Bericht & Noten & Foto

DAILY EXPRESS UK 14.09.2012 -“Real Monsters Of Rock” Led Zeppelin Bericht by Neil Norman

THE GUARDIAN UK 15.09.2012 - Buch Kritik Trampled under Foot by Barney Hoskyns

THE SUN UK 22.09.2012 -“Night said Led” Bericht Pressekonferenz London by Aaron Tinney

THE TIMES UK 22.09.2012 -“A whole lotta...” Bericht Pressekonferenz London by James Jackson

DAILY MIRROR UK 22.09.2012 -“Bed Zeppelin” Bericht Pressekonferenz London by Simone Boyle

DE MORGEN HOLLAND 24.09.2012 -“Vijf jaar is vijf minuten in Led Zeppelin – tijd” Bericht by Gunter van Assche

MELODY & RHYTHMUS GER 09.2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den – by Jürgen Winkler

ROLLING STONE GER 09.2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den – by Birgit Fuss + Ad

RECORD COLLECTOR UK 09.2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den – by Terry Staunton

GUITAR GER 09.2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den –

ECLIPSED GER 09.2012 - Live From The Artists Den Ad

Q UK 09.2012 - Trampled under food Buch Kritik by Mark Blake

MUSIK EXPRESS GER 09.2012 - LP Kritik Lucifer Rising by Mike Köhler

MOJO UK 09.2012 - Tour News John Paul Jones and the Minibus Pimps

CLASSIC ROCK UK 09.2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den – by Simone Bösch

CLASSIC ROCK GER 09.2012 -“Rückblende – Swan Song – Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Dave Lewis

UNCUT UK 09.2012 - Ganzseitige Anzeige The ultimate music guide Led Zeppelin

TOTAL GUITAR UK 09.2012 -“The final countdown – 10 air guitar moments” Stairway to Heaven Platz 1

ROCKS No.28/4 GER Herbst 2012 - LP Kritik Lucifer Rising by Daniel Böhm

ROCKS No.28/5 GER Herbst 2012 - DVD Kritik – Live From The Artists Den – by Markus Baro

THE SUNDAY TIMES UK 07.10.2012 -“Stairway to Heaven” Bericht von Jimmy Page sein zu Hause

THE SUN UK 09.10.2012 -“Zepic” Bericht über neuen Led Zep Film by Tom Thorogood

DAILY MIRROR UK 11.10.2012 -“Film role lotta love” Bericht Filmpremiere London

BZ – BERLIN GER 13.10.2012 - > Geheimtipp des Tages < Film News mit Foto

THE TELEGRAPH UK 13.10.2012 - Cinema Ad

KERRANG No.1436 UK 13.10.2012 -“Led Zeppelin Celebration Day is nearly here!” Bericht

BZ – BERLIN GER 15.10.2012 -“Der letzte Flug des Zeppelins” Bericht by Marcel Anders

BILD – BERLIN GER 15.10.2012 -“Kult-Bassist” News John Paul Jones in Berlin

BERLINER ZEITUNG GER 17.10.2012 - > Berlin heute < “Led Zeppelin” kleiner Bericht mit Foto

INDEPENDENT RADAR UK 20.10.2012 -“Fancy sex, drugs and rock’n’roll?” Bericht Led Zeppelin by Pierre Perrone

ROLLING STONE No.1168 USA 25.10.2012 - > Rock and Roll < News Led Zeppelin by David Fricke

Q UK 10.2012 -“Captured! The month in pictures” Foto incl. Jimmy Page & kl.Text

MOJO UK 10.2012 - Trampled under food Buch Kritik by Ross Bennett

GUITAR WORLD USA 10.2012 - New Rock Iconz Statue Created By Knucklebonz – Anzeige

UNCUT UK 10.2012 - Konzert Kritik Plant & Sensationel… Charlton Park 29.07.2012 + Jones Ber.

CLASSIC ROCK UK 10.2012 - > Fly on the wall < “#12 Led Zeppelin’s secret Uk debut” Bericht by I.R. +

GOOD TIMES No.5 GER 10/11.2012 - DVD Kritik Robert Plant’s Live from Artists Den

UNCUT UK 11.2012 - > Books < Trampled under foot Kritik by Allan Jones

ROLLING STONE GER 11.2012 - > Rock&Roll < “Zeppelins letzter Walzer” News + “Star mit sechs Saiten”

GUITARRE & BASS GER 11.2012 -“2012 Led Zeppelin – Jimmy Page Überzeugungstäter” Interview

CLASSIC ROCK No.177 UK 11.2012 -“Led Zeppelin Assemble!” Bericht + Celebration Day DVD Kritik by S.R.

ROLLING STONE No.48 FRANCE 11.2012 - > Rock and Roll < News Led Zeppelin by Alain Gouvrion+ großer Bericht

CLASSIC ROCK No.6(16) GER 11/12.2012 -“Led Zeppelin” Bericht by Marcel Anders + DVD Ad

UNCUT TAKE 187 UK 12.2012 - Celebration Day DVD Kritik by Michael Bonner + DVD Ad

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First of all, Roger great photos! Bob, count me in on that trip!! :-) Forget seeing anything other than that street as I would want to spend every free moment just looking at Roger's collection peace.gif

Site down in aircraft, Deb's and make holliday in Berlin.

And than we walk in the Zeppelin street.

And you can see the biggest cllection Led Zeppelin in printwave.gif

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Hello Sam_Webmaster

Please make this better.

I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the next news in the thread.


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<p><strong>Two new magazines 2012 from France. WOW</strong></p>

Useful Links

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First of all, Roger great photos! Bob, count me in on that trip!! :-) Forget seeing anything other than that street as I would want to spend every free moment just looking at Roger's collection :peace:

hi deborah, i have a wedding in salzberg this may 2013. wanna meet there? i would love to do that with you. do you also collect? i have tons of material. i would be happy to help you fill some gaps in your collection if you have specific publications you need/want. all the best, bob k.
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hi deborah, i have a wedding in salzberg this may 2013. wanna meet there? i would love to do that with you. do you also collect? i have tons of material. i would be happy to help you fill some gaps in your collection if you have specific publications you need/want. all the best, bob k.

hi deborah, i have a wedding in salzberg this may 2013. wanna meet there? i would love to do that with you. do you also collect? i have tons of material. i would be happy to help you fill some gaps in your collection if you have specific publications you need/want. all the best, bob k.

"i have tons of material" Bob?

Newspaper and magazines?


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hi roger, no newspaper articles but i have lots of magazines and books. i just sent you a few things. you must visit me sometime! led zeppelin, bk

My visite in USA is maby 2014 or 2015.

We (Kathrin&Roger) fly to New York, than to Deb's and than to Los Angeles/San Fransisco/Las Vegas and Bob.


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