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Roger (or any forum member),

Do you know if this review of the December 3, 1998 Frankfurt concert was published the next morning, or if not then on which date?


Frankfurter Rundschau, December 1998

No Steve I have this not, and I have not information for this, sorry.


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cheer.gifComing soon...tomorrow...Presence review supplement, to the Presence weekcheer.gif


Roger Berlin

ROCKIN’ON No.22 JAPAN 06.1976 - LP review

SOUNDS Ano 8 No.6 GER 06.1976 - LP review

CREEM Vol.8 No.2 USA 07.1976 - LP review



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coming soon...

Wait Don please, the next coming soon is :

Led Zeppelin museum in print Berlin


Presence week

I hope we see your this year in Berlin.


p.s.:send me a picture from yuor faces - ledzeppelin-rogerberlin@freenet.de

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New fotos from my Led Zeppelin life.



and push the robert Plant / Roger Berlin Foto


hallo roger, i like the fotos from your led zeppelin life. do you know what happened to the howard mylett collection? will you meet jimmy page in berlin next month? bravo! bob k.
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