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Magazines and Articles by Roger Berlin

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Swindler on e-bay go.

Sounds Magazine, 05.1969

Led Zeppelin I LP review

Looks reasonably good from the copy, but almost everyone does it at a closer look.

Goes back, of course.

But so rarely that I have photographed it for you too.

Roger Berlin

p.s.Google translater



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There's software out there that we can do it with, I think if we all were allotted, say, a hundred cuttings each then we could process them and check for errors. They're all in JPEG format so I can't foresee any problems with the actual conversion.

The archive section of the Classic Rock Magazine website was created by scanning in magazines and using OCR to convert them to real text, hence the occasional formatting and spelling errors.

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Hello Cookie0024 and Geezer

I have all articles from the Led Zeppelin week on JPEG.

I have only article and magazin list on Pdf.

Look www.rogerberlin.de

All the articles, over 5000 on Pdf or JPEG, whow, is a big worked.

Roger Berlin

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