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for Deb's and Bob

Led Zeppelin In through the out door, LP + Film news, review’s and…

Presented by Roger Berlin

16.Day 27.03.2013

PELO Ano 10 No.121 ARGENTINA 12.1979 - LP Ad


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One of them should hire you to work for them as I bet you know more about them than they do themselve..I am German but never been there,my grandparents came over to the Us in the early 1900's?

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Duh,I see you have met robert,when and how did that come about,you lucky guy!!

Yes, I have see Robert 1990 in Hamburg, backstage, 1993 in Berlin by the hotel Interkontie and 1993 in Köln by the hotel.

John Paul Jones in Berlin with Diamanda Gallas.

Roger :wave:

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