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Drive-By Truckers at TLA in Philadelphia, PA 1/1/11


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I had a blast last night in Philly as I saw for the first time the Drive-By Truckers at the TLA on 334 South Street. The TLA is a GREAT PLACE to see a show since it's the size of a small movie theater. I wasn't sure what I was going to see since other than a few youtube videos, I never really heard this band play. Thanks to Jahfin, I'm now a big fan. They are kinda of a heavy country band with lots of rock and roll mixed in. There are three guitarists, a female bassist (HOT), a keyboardist, and one bad-ass drummer. They came on around 9:15 and played till around 11:30pm. The music is great with lots of nice jams and solos. Two of the guitarists take turns singing lead. One of the guy's voices (Mike Cooley) reminds me of a young Johnny Cash. The other interesting part is how loud they could get from song to song.Btw, there was a great photo of Jimmy from the Spectrum in 1972 hanging on the wall of the bar there. The DBT rock. Make sure to check them out. Since I'm new to their music, I'm not sure what the setlist was last night but here is one from earlier in the month:

1. The Fourth Night of My Drinking

2. Where The Devil Don't Stay

3. This Fucking Job

4. Get Downtown

5. (It's Gonna Be) I Told You So

6. Tornadoes

7. A ghost to the most

8. My Sweet Annette

9. Love Like This

10. Feb14

11. Marry Me

12. Lookout Mountain

13. Birthday Boy

14. Drag the Lake Charlie

15. 3 Dimes Down

16. Hell No, I Ain't Happy

17. Gravity's Gone

18. Let There Be Rock

19. Uncle Frank

20. The Thanksgiving filter

21. Zip City

22. Everybody Needs Love

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Thanks for the shout out, they did a show in NYC for NYE that was by all accounts, off the fuckin' hook. RollingStone.com streamed a replay of the show yesterday afternoon. Of course it didn't hurt that they were joined by Patterson Hood's Dad, David Hood, a well renown Muscle Shoals musician who played on tons of very well known sessions from back in the day, everything from The Staple Singers to Bob Dylan. Other special guests included Kelly Hogan, not nearly as well known as David Hood but a very accomplished vocalist in her own right. She is probably best known for being in the Atlanta band The Jody Grind that met an untimely demise when two of it's members were killed in an auto accident (at the hands of a drunk driver) when coming home to Atlanta from a show in Florida back in '92.

I'm glad you enjoyed the show, thanks so much for sharing your experience. They're definitely one of my very favorite live bands out there these days. After years of relentless touring it looks like they'll be taking a bit of a break this year, in spite of the release of their next record, Go-Go Boots, which is due in February.

By the way, here's their setlist from last night. They are all archived at the One of These Days website:

Carl Perkins' Cadillac

Goode's Field Road

A Ghost to Most

The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town

Panties in Your Purse

Santa Fe

Women Without Whiskey

That Man I Shot

Self-Destructive Zones

This Fucking Job

Get Downtown

(It's Gonna Be) I Told You So

The Fourth Night of My Drinking

Birthday Boy

Lookout Mountain

Marry Me

The Company I Keep

3 Dimes Down

Let There Be Rock


I Used to be a Cop

Zip City

Mercy Buckets

Everybody Needs Love

Shut Up and Get on the Plane

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