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Happy Birthday John Paul Jones


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Baldwin.

I am going to celebrate Your Birthday by listening to every Led Zeppelin song that You have a co-writing credit on. Of course they are all great songs but a few of the standouts to me are Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir, In the Light and Carouselambra.

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Happy birthday Jonesy!!

Kepp on rocking on world stages with your modest personality, while playing some amazing bass, keyboards and mandolin and don't worry about being in the backround many times, us fans have always heard you through the singing, guitar and drums!!

You are great!!

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To the "Quiet-Man"......

All the best "Jonesy"........ & Thank You for the Music.

As ONE Quarter of the BEST Four-Piece to WALK the Earth............. I Salute You.

All the Best,

Hang-man... :ph34r:

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If you ever want anything done right..

A. Do it yourself

B. Get a Capricorn to do it.

C. Make sure John Paul Jones is in your band

Love to John on your birthday. Still sexy and hot and smart and sexy.

Capricorn really is the be best sign because we don't believe in astrology

In the first place it's based on the Earth being the center of the Universe and not the sun.

Secondly whenever someone offered to do my chart they want to know, what day I was born, what time I was born, and where I was born. Then, they say about Jesus I did his chart and it turns out He

was born in March. Regardless if that's true or not, how can you do His chart without His birthday first, yet you need all that information to do mine?

And how does all of that horizon line nonsense enter into it if someone is born in deep space. There are no horizon lines, and Greenwich mean time means nothing.

That is why I'm your king.

John Paul Jones

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Happy 65th Birthday John!

I look forward to hearing more music from you this year. TCV was amazing (especially live) - music, band and shows that my husband and I and our son and his girlfriend all shared a passion for.

I've never forgotten how gracious you were when I was a young teen and approached you and asked for your autograph. I handed you the only thing I had: a 19-cent blue Bic pen. While you were in the middle of signing your name, the pen I handed you stopped working. I was so embarrassed but you just smiled, shook the pen a little, changed the angle, and continued signing your autograph for me. All these years later, I treasure that autograph and the memory of how nice you were.

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful day!



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