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Just a bit of fun, what album was number one in your country the day you where thrown into this world ?? Who has a Zeppelin one ??

Mine was Rubber Soul by The Beatles UK

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Well, as per New Zealand records, it was "Faith" by George Michael! :lol:

Oh and out of interest, in the U.K, it was "Now That's What I Call Music : Volume 10" and in the U.S, it was apparently the soundtrack of the film "Dirty Dancing" :lol:

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Whatever was top first week of May 1957.................Probably something shite............................. 'll check it out later........

OK..it was..The King and I Soundtrack..not my thing at all...................In the U.S it was Calypso by Harry Bellafonte..also not my thing.

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I have a book on Billboard Top 100 hits (singles) so those songs were easy to locate.

Top Five Billboard

Week ending Sept.18, 1961

1. Take Good Care of my Baby (Boobby Vee)

2. Michael (Highwaymen)

3. My True Story (Jive Five)

4. (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame (Elvis Presley)

5. Crying (Roy Orbison)

I couldn't find the #1 album. I thought it was Blue Hawaii, but that was released in October 1961 . So probably whatever preceded that record.

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I was born June 7th, 1982. The #1 album in the US for that week was Tug Of War by Paul McCartney.


The #1 single in the country that week was Ebony & Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, off the album Tug Of War.


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