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I used to hate this song. Over time, I have grown to like it. I enjoy the random feel and the the drumming. I also enjoy the middle section. It has that "fun" sound. It's not a favorite of mine, but I do like it. I think people are rough on the song. But that's just my take on it.

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Sorry can't please everyone right.

I love "Tea for one" and "I m gonna crawl".Yes they should have played both numbers live.

There is only a Youtube live vers. of Tea around.

Tea for one is an unusual masterpiece and Jimmy often said that it is one of his best solos ever

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I have grown to like and appreciate "Carouselambra". Time allows me to judge ITTOD on its own, and -not- as against any other Zeppelin release.

Looking back, I would have hoped that "Carouselambra" would have been played on Zep's '80-'81 US Tour.... Even in place of.....yes, ALS....

I've mellowed over time, and if that "Magical" Zeppelin "Reunion" ever takes place, I would hope that "Carouselambra" and other tracks I've never seen live before would be included. That would be fun ! ! :)

When "Carouselambra" originally came out in 1979, I didn't get it... But, I do now :thumbsup:

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Rich, it was the MOST FUN I've ever had producing a show, hands down! Brian Tichy is a roller coaster of fun and ferocity, Joe Sutton the BEST to work with and to get to sit in 2 days of rehearsals with a line up of drummers and talent that had me fighting the urge to squeal like a schoolgirl as I watched/listened to them rehearse. To hear Carmine Appice asking people "I'm looking for Noelle, she told me her office would be up here," as he's walking down the hall towards my office (housed at the House of Blues for that night) was simply surreal and utterly WONDERFUL. This performance from Yael was fantastic and I had to post it when I saw this thread!

BUT ... the MOST impressive thing at these shows? The deepest of respect and reverence for Bonzo from every drummer there. They play the show out of respect and you can tell the prestige with which they regard the invitation to play from Brian Tichy himself. Brian is the MOST hardcore Bonzonian/Zep Head you ever did meet and his passion and enthusiasm wears off on everybody in the room! I could go on but it would surely bore and I don't want to be one of those forum newbies everyone thinks is a pain in the ass. :)

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