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The Joni Mitchell Thread


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To my shock after checking the "search" feature it looks like no one has ever started a Joni Mitchell thread. So here we go. I guess the best thing to do would be to put up two very different examples of her work,---including the vocals. I love early joni and late seventies joni all the same. Anyone out there agree?...missy

Here's the video with probably her most famous composition: Early Joni.


Here's a video below from her later seventies period, deeper vocals, more jazzy flavored:

***Those Joni newbies, hang in on the below video until the 2:12 mark when Jaco comes in and the song really opens wide** .


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Actually there is one right here. I used "Joni" as the keyword and found the original thread right away.

Eh morning Captain Sensible , "Happy Happy Happy happy Talk, talk about things we(you) like to do". So tell me my man whats the criteria for making people look like Jackasses ?? Is it a person thing ? What I mean is do you tell everyone or just a select few ?. Do you sit at ya p.c desk with ya "cartman" police outfit? saying "Respect My Authoritah!" or do you really respect all rules on here and in life, never broke a rule, never speeded, dropped litter or whatever...........Are you really the purveyor of truth ?? .

PS thanks though as reading and replying to your posts make me smile, its becoming a bit of sport, and look forward to you replies..........GOD BLESS AMERICA :superman:

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Hey Jahfin,

Here's something you can do. Put "The Joni Mitchell Thread" like I did into the search engine and you wil get 13 results ,---none that match.

Now that I went back and looked at the 67 results the single word "joni" pulled up, I see there is indeed a thread from 2008 with 4 replies.

Guess what? It's a book review! So why don't we let this one be? Would that be okay with you?

I'll tell you what. I'll ask Mr. sam the webmaster for permission.

Because make no mistake, I believe in following the rules :).........missy

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