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Hot Pics of John Baldwin

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:wub: I LOVE this picture.

He has very interesting features- lips, cheekbones... I must say he is very photogenic and has got a very strong personal charme. In some pics you can say, he is beautiful!

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Nice photoes of JPJ, just wonderful. I also love the way he looks recently with a short haircut. And I am going to close this Internet page right now, as current hot weather and looking at all kind sof pics here seem to impair my IQ and typing speed, :D

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C'mon everybody! Show your Jonesey support! Post pictures!


In the corner, as usual <_<




"What's going on up there!" :lol:


At the organ... ^_^



I am trying to post some pictures but it is not working... please keep them coming these are great pictures:-)

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