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man i want to hear this concert. i wonder how dazed and no quarter sounded. page has got his bow out and ready, they must have brought the place down


Dazed was great....

It was a great great show. I'll lead you in the right direction to listen to the show if you would like. Just PM me

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Wow nice pics everyone!! The reviews I've read on this gig were very good, wish I could hear it. I felt a smidgen of my teen years creep up when I saw these!! Thank you!! I never thought I'd see Jimmy with grey hair! But it's very becoming on him!!

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They're not Jay's, they mine. He'd posted the link almost as soon as I'd uploaded them. Many thanks to Jay for posting them. They've already had nearly 2000 hits each.

I was lucky enough to be standing about 30ft from the stage.

The full set:

hey paul

i reckon you must have been stood on my feet when you took the pics, i was stood in exactly that spot.

i was the tall guy with the stupid dumbstruck look on his face.

did you see Natalie imbruglia she was in the same place, as was one of the galagher brothers.

great photos by the way

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I sure was. I guess you can tell by the pic I made.... ;)

You had a great spot too!

Yes just though i would ask lol !! yes we did, but hey I would of been aywhere for this gig, aslong as i was just inside !! it was amazing !! Glad you had a great time here in England :)

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