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Robert Plant Band of Joy Tour 2011


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Robert Plant in Rome

This was my first concert related to Led Zeppelin, though it wasn't Led Zeppelin itself. I wanted so bad to see Robert, Jimmy or Jones and I choosed Rome to do it :) I had an idea about what I was going to see because I knew it would be more quiet than a rock concert. I knew he sang some Zep classics and other songs of his solo carreer. Honestly, I have to say that the videos I saw before dissapointed me a bit, but the impression I had live was absolutely different! In general, I felt very satisfied, happy and thrilled! Happy was the word! :D Guy, I was hearing sing Robert Plant a few metres far from me!!

When the concert was about to start, it started to rain... I was praying "please, don't cancel it... I've travelled more than 2.000 km to see this". Gladly not, but we got more wet as the concert went by, but I didn't care! Anybody seemed to care! By the way, maybe the most beautiful thing I saw was the fact that young people were the great percentage of the crowd. In the place I was (more or less in the front row) we were all people between 18 and 30. We all wore Led Zeppelin t-shirts and were spreaded by "zeppelinism", if you want to call it like that :lol: When Robert walked to the stage it was like a bomb, I've never seen that ovation in my entire life. People went mad when a Zeppelin song started, or when he made one of those "cries" he used to do.

In my opinion, it was in some way cathartic. Singing along Bron-y-aur stomp in the rain while it was getting dark. No words :wub: I mean, I enjoy seeing that young people like me have good musical taste and can appreciate not only Led Zeppelin music but the work of Robert after that.

About the Band of Joy, I liked it so much. They were balanced and melodious, the girl had a sweet voice, they are great musicians. I saw Robert very, very well. He knows his abilities and his limitations and makes the grade by far.

In short, I could felt the energy in the crowd, in the music, despite it's far from energy Led Zeppelin used to have. I could imagine for a moment how a Led concert could have been. Omg, I'm sure I'd die xD

My photos are very poor because the stage was too high and I had a very tall boy just in front of me <_< but it's something. There is another link with good photos for those who want to see them






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some photoes we took that night and small review:

Quick notes about Robert Plant and the Band of Joy concert, scribbled on the used ticket

The North Mississippi Allstars opened for The Band of Joy. Like fiery wine, music poured from the fingertips of the band’s two multi-instrumentalists, who seemed to be able to play just the same with their eyes closed in the middle of the big blue sea. I wouldn’t call it hillbilly music, but just music at its best, Delta roots music.

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy started off with one of the heaviest versions of “Black Dog” imaginable, which I would have expected from the Band of Joy. Correction: Robert Plant’s Band of Joy. New songs and old standards shuffled like the red autumn leaves from the cover of their recent CD. Surrounded by his peers, experts in American root music in their own right, Robert was the front man, the centre of attention, and the heart of the whole thing. I caught myself comparing this performance to his 2003 Kyiv gig at Olimpiisky Stadium and wished that he and the band had more space. Palats Ukraina is okay for Poplavskii, but way too shabby for Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. Also, I was not sure about the soundman. Or was it Palace Ukraina, and Poplavskii pulling out the cords under the soundman’s desk? Or maybe it was just one of those f*ck-ups: you never know, but that was all right.

All the songs were perfect, though some of us think that even if Robert just stood in the middle of the stage doing nothing, it would still drive his fans wild. My personal favourite was “Shine It All Around,” one of the brightest performances of the night (no pun intended). The totally unexpected rendition of it surpassed the original version, which was recorded with the Strange Sensation. “Monkey” gave me shivers. There was no “Silver Rider.” I guess they’re not performing that number on the current tour, are they?

Robert’s banter in between the songs was another special treat I’d have bought a ticket to hear.

‘Welcome to the Band of Joy and the night of the major f*ckups!’ he said, introducing the band for the second time after there was some misunderstanding with his harmonica part during the Buddy Miller’s number.

‘Wait, Ian, come back, Ian!’ Then to the crowd: ‘Let’s call him back.’ The crowd chants madly: ‘IAN COME BACK!!!’ for awhile, while Ian, the roadie that was just helping Buddy and Darrell Scott to manage their guitars, stands motionlessly behind the gear, unsure of what to do.

‘Yesyesyesyesyes’ – to a drunken fan from the crowd who roared something inaudible at him in Russian.

‘Ooooh yeah?’ – Plant. ‘YEAH!! – the crowd. ‘Oooh yeah?’ – Plant. ‘YEAH!!!’ – the crowd. ‘Ooh yeah?’ – Plant. ‘YEAH!!!!!!’ – the crowd. ‘Oooh yeah?’ – Plant. ‘YEEEAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’– the crowd. ‘OK, cool it’ – Plant.

‘….Ian f*cked off with the rock band …’ – while saying goodbye for the night.

After the concert we hung around with a small group of other fans waiting to see the band after the concert. I love these spontaneous gatherings, when people of all ages find themselves in the company of peers sharing rumours. There was one disabled fan in a wheelchair, wearing his Led Zeppelin T-shirt. The musicians were right there, behind the dim wall-sized glass of a tiny reception hall on the ground floor, and those bold enough to stare right at them from the twilight could see them chatting away, suffering photo sessions, and ultimately waiting to depart. After an hour or so the fans became impatient, knocking at the windows or acting plain silly as the musicians looked back at them apprehensively.

Another fifteen minutes, and BOJ were done and moved on, hopping into the black van and leaving. No nod or wave. Autographs or photos were out of the question. Some of the fans were hoping to take a photo or two (a friendly guy next to us with whom we were talking for most of the night was particularly keen on having a photo taken with ‘loooovely Patty Griffin’). But that really did not matter, we were grateful for the opportunity just to see them all.

We love you, come back more often, will you?

The set list for 31 July 2011, Kyiv. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but only if you have more reliable sources at hand than the site I was using or my own scribbling on the used Dream Theater ticket in total darkness:

1. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin song)

2. Down to the Sea

3. Angel Dance (Los Lobos cover)

4. Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin song)

5. House of Cards (Richard & Linda Thompson cover)

6. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go (Buddy Miller cover) (Sung by Buddy Miller)

7. Monkey (Low cover)

8. A Satisfied Mind (Porter Wagoner cover) (Sung by Darrell Scott)

9. Thank You (Led Zeppelin song)

10. Ocean of Tears (Patty Griffin cover) (Sung by Patty Griffin)

11. Black Country Woman (Led Zeppelin song)

12. In the Mood

13. Please Read the Letter (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant cover)

14. Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin song)

15. Shine It All Around

16. Ramble On (Led Zeppelin song)


17. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Led Zeppelin song)

18. Gallows Pole




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Two for you^^ :-)

Robert Plant & Band of Joy live in Kiev "shine it all around" Kiev (Ukraine) 31July 2011


This is what I've managed to make, sounds's a disaster though, sooo turn it 'way down low' when looking it up ;)

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Yet another crowd I would like to have been with!!

Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy, Poland, 2-08-2011, Torwar


Very very cool that they are changing up the set list some more, too (including, "Shine It All Around").

R B)

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He took this one in a few directions IMHO :-)

Robert Plant - Misty Mountain Hop (Zitadelle, Berlin, August 2011)

Edit: I had to add this,his last word:-)

Robert Plant - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Zitadelle, Berlin, August 2011)

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as I was saying... a small article in the local newspaper, translated loosely. (I wonder why can't we edit our own old posts any more, mods allmighty? :) )

Article from 'VGORODE', Kyiv

"Ukraine, it’s rock’n’roll, baby": Robert Plant sang about Hobbits, danced with mic stand

Kyiv has been waiting for months since the plans for The Band of Joy gig were announced in Ukraine. At last the last day of July has come! Most of the crowd that gathered in Palace Ukraina that day expected to hear Led Zeppelin all-time hits. The Band of Joy met the fans’ expectations, but only to a certain degree. Plant performed only four Led Zeppelin standards stylized as country music ballads. However, the crowd was satisfied.

To say that the concert attracted many people would be an understatement - the auditory was packed to capacity. And even after the concert has started, people at the entrance to Palace Ukraina were looking for "an extra ticket." It brought together a variegated of both those who listened to Led Zeppelin during times of the Soviet Union "secretly," in their youth, and also the young ones, hooked onto the music of their parents. Some fans came to Kyiv all the way from Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, only to see their "deity."

"My parents introduced me to Led Zeppelin. I have no friends in Kiev, but for the sake of Plant I could fly to the Moon," – says Michail, one of the fans of the legendary frontman.


The concert was opened by the American group North Mississippi Allstars. Not did they just warm up the crowd, they brought it to boiling hot.

The audience found itself in the flow of incendiary blues motifs, the guitarist pleased the crowd with a variety of guitars - from the classic guitar to a variety of bizarre-shaped ones. And then the musicians performed some of their acoustic ballads. 185220.jpg

"I am delighted to be here, but I am saddened by the events in the Lugansk region in the Eastern Ukraine" - said Robert Plant, appearing on stage. The moment of silence followed. 185224.jpg

After that, literally from the first chords, the audience fell in love with The Band. Robert Plant’s voice was the same, a little hoarse, yet so recognizable.

From the start, Robert Plant worked the crowd cleverly, elegantly moving onstage, wielding mic stand like sword-fencer, crossing legs Jagger-style.

The Band of Joy sang many songs of their own, including some Led Zeppelin standards. However, ardent fans still hoped to hear more of old Led Zeppelin hits.


Mystic ‘Monkey’ mesmerized everyone, reigning in the total silence of the huge auditorium.

- (not Kyiv, just a wonderful vid of 'Monkey' - me)

The Band also performed two LOTR-related songs. The set list for Kyiv coincided with Moscow’s completely. After supposedly the last song, which has led the audience to a complete delight, the band came out for an encore. At this point nothing could stop the fans, neither angry security guards, nor the other viewers shouting "Clear the aisles!”.

They sang the last two songs with the musicians, standing, dancing, stamping and clapping.

After two encores The Band of Joy thanked the audience, and disappeared.


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Review: Robert Plant's last concert with the Band Of Joy

Monday 8th August 2011


Robert Plant, right, at the Big Chill festival

Black Country rock legend Robert Plant brought the curtain down on his latest band with a superb festival performance last night while entertaining fans with jokes about his love for Wolves.

The former Led Zeppelin frontman ended a 13 month world tour with Band of Joy, his group for his most recent album, with a powerful 90-minute show at the Big Chill concert at Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Herefordshire.

Backed by the group he called "just good looking old folk", Plant was emotional about the group's end but this did not stop him joking with the crowd.

Mixing Led Zeppelin classics like Black Dog with songs from Band of Joy's self-titled album, Plant was close enough geographically to his Black Country roots that he incorporated them into the show.

Lifelong Wolves fan Plant reatedly made quips about his love for Wolves, even presenting band member Patty Griffin with a Molineux memento.

He joked: "It's a bit cold so on behalf of the British weather system I present you with a Wolverhampton Wanderers hot water bottle."

American singer Griffin had obviously learnt football banter from Plant as she held the gift aloft and shouted: "Who are ya?"

The Wolves jokes continued as Plant introduced guitarist Darrell Scott.

"America unlike Wolverhampton does not have much in the way of soccer but it does produce great musicians like Darrell," joked Plant.

The singer also waxed lyrical about the Herefordshire country setting for the concert, before adding: "It's only 45 minutes to get home, too."

Plant described the show as the "grand finale" for Band of Joy, admitting it was "very emotional for us" to end their time together for what is likely to be a one-off collaboration.

"It's been 13 months and everyone's got things to do," he joked. "Like laundry and making amends."

The band finished on a high, showing their musicianship and close rapport on Band of Joy tracks like House of Cards and Angel Dance.

But the biggest cheers were for the band's country rock versions of Led Zeppelin classics, including Houses of the Holy and a superb rendition of Misty Mountain Hop.

Plant's voice was flawless throughout the show but he became most animated when recreating the songs which have defined his career for over four decades.

The highlight of the show was an epic version of Ramble On, complete with a breathtaking banjo solo in place of the original Jimmy Page guitar playing.

Leaving the stage for the final time, Plant told his bandmates: "It's a fond farewell. Farewell my friends."

He then turned to the crowd for a final football call: "Who are ya?"


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Interesting in that Plant hinted that BOJ was a perm fixture for him. I know a lot of ppl here sure thought so! But this is quite typical actually, he seems to get bored with things eventually and wants to move on lol

Either way I wonder what Mr Plant has up his sleave next?

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Ah okay. I read the article on his home page and it appeared to indicate that the gig is up.

"Plant described the show as the grand finale for Band of Joy, admitting it was very emotional for us to end their time together for what is likely to be a one-off collaboration."

"Leaving the stage for the final time, Plant told his bandmates: “It’s a fond farewell. Farewell my friends.”

He then turned to the crowd for a final football call: “Who are ya?”"

Doesnt leave an impression that their planning anything soon. But whatta I know.

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