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Fan Interviews at Robert Plant - Boston 1/25/11


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Thanks Dave. Was a really nice listen, unfortunately alot of the video was digitally broken up on my computer.

Found the gal celebrating her 40th interesting in trying to give him a necklace interesting. I made a necklace based on the necklace he wore during the 73 tour. Oh, and the girl tripping on acid to Zep and the Christmas tree lights, too funny.

Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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No, but one is from Planet Zeppelin...and a kickass rocker she is!

NY has both U and Superdave.

I can't believe the holdups I've had. I really truly honestly thought I would have them out by now

since they were done in a studio, however that's not the case so.....

we wait. I am going back tomorrow afternoon to....hopefully.....finish them up.

Now I'll be doing my own editing. Soooo much to learn and I'm absolutely Loving it!!!

It's amazing the power of the editing software.

Will keep U posted as it is getting close.

Chat Soon!!!

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The NYC material is much much better quality than Boston...although you can't beat Cindy with the Christmas tree lights and Bluebird's heartfelt testimony from the Boston show.

Since it's NY I can absolutely promise some interesting and unique personalities!

Should have DVD's ready by Next Monday of 1/30 and Wednesday for 1/29. Contact me if you'd like one sent.

They are discounted for anyone from the forum. They will be $9.99 + shippingusually, but only $8.00 + shipping if you get them through

me here.

They're each just about an hour long so too long to put on YouTube but I will put up a

several minute promo on youtube.

FrontRowDave.com will be up and running by April 1.

Rock On!

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