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Best Led Zeppelin song not by Led Zeppelin


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I never thought somebody could do it right.

But Zeppelin sometimes took other peoples music and played this

material with alot of new aspects.So if you want this kind of stuff search for "Dyer Maker" at youtube.

You will find a blond girl singing and playing piano.She plays with some mistakes but intresting to listn to anywhere.

There was a nice version of "The Battle of Evermore" by a girlgroupe.I cannot remember the name of this band.

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Lonely is the night - Billy Squier

Barracuda - Heart

I was listening to Q104 in NYC last night and "Lonely Is The Night" came on. Boy, did it sound like he and his band were channeling Zeppelin- like a free-form jam on "Nobody's Fault But Mine".

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I believe the girls themselves have stated that Barracuda was influenced by Achilles last Stand.

When Lonely Is The Night was first released, the DJ on our local rocker "The Loop" introduced it one night as "The new one from Billy Zeppelin..."

Still of the Night was the song that first got Coverdale and Whitesnake in trouble with RP...

Living Colour's Cult of Personality has a big Zep groove and vibe to it as well...

All on my list, can't pick one because they all miss that SOMETHING only ZEP had.

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I propose "I will not go quietly" by Don Henley:

What's yours?

Never for one second got ANY Zeppelin vibe from that song. And why has it got images of that foppish flavour of the month; will only be vaguely remembered for Twilight, "actor"

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