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Photos from Jimmy's Book

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The Photo with the Queen, she probably is thinking ""What is it you do" :), our Royalty do not really know what us commoners get up too :).

I remember reading an article about when he, along with Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Brian May met the Queen she actually asked him, "are you a guitarist too!"


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I see these shots and I can't help but think about Jimmy, me and a desert island somewhere (Fantasy #124)! :blush: .........................missy

AHEM *cough *cough *cough

Missy, you are not the only one who had that fantasy! :D In fact, fantasty # 124 perfectly describes the dream I had last night! :blush:

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Thanks to everyone for sharing this book with us. I'm sure it's the only way many of us will ever lay eyes on it!

You're very welcome. That's the very reason why I wanted to start this thread. ;) Also it nice to be able to talk about the pictures with the other members on here. :)

This first photo was taken during the recording of Led Zeppelin II:




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It'd be nice to see those, for old time's sake! :)

Hi Reggie,

Her are some from 72 :-)

1972 Tour Dates


Jimmy 1972 Dec 1, 2 Capital Theatre Cardiff UK


Jimmy 1972 Dec 1 City Hall Newcastle


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