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Evster & Obsessed's Flying Circus!


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Hmmmmmm. <_< Well it sounds like most of the positions are filled. I'll let you all come up with something for me. ;):D

What about:

Resident Vampire on the 'd-list' and proud to be here.........


Is Fluffy new to the family or something? Why have I never noticed him before??! :lol:

:lol: I think Fluffy has always been there.


I didn't realize that I had a role!


I guess that's where my "official gardener" came in. :rolleyes:

:lol: Almost everyone that came into the thread got one.

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Hi everyone!!! Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, we have our internet all up and running (finally!). Glad to be back among you awesome people! I just couldn't deal with the slow-ass-maybe-the-page-will-load-maybe-not internet we were getting from the managers wireless. It was exasperating! My finger is still sore from taking a poke at the monitor in frustration (what am I, 12???). :rolleyes:

Anyway, just trying to get my bearings in this new realm and get comfortable. I hate change, even if it's for the better! :lol:

I don't even know where to start! :unsure:

I feel like a forum virgin!! :hysterical:

Somebody hold me.

Thanks Jeff, but.... :P

Here's a big HUG for you........ Hi 'Evester', remember me?

Can I have a role then? How about 'Stoned Hippy'? :)

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HI EVERYONE!!! :wave:

Hi Celia! Yes, I actually was thinking last night that I have a new home & a new second home! :cheer::lol:

Here's his "essay". :)


First off, we need to separate the Christian Satan, the Devil who rules hell, from the Judaic Lucifer/Satan, and then from LaVey's Church of Satan. In Judaism, there is no hell, no judgment, and Satan is not the "Devil". The Hebrew root of the word Satan means "accuser". He was not the enemy or opposer of God, but rather a sort of Prosecuting Attorney who tests people for God. Witness the story of Job. That said, "Satanism", as in the whole "powers of evil" cult thing, which came to popularity in the last few decades, has little to nothing to with the Biblical Satan, be he angel or demon.


Jimmy (and only Jimmy), was/is a Thelemite, not in any form a Satanist. Thelemites do in fact perform rituals to invoke spirits, but for purposes of goodness.

Thelema ("THEL-ay-mah") is a Greek word meaning "will" or "intention". It is also the name of a new spiritual philosophy which has arisen over the past several hundred years and is now gradually becoming established worldwide.

One of the earliest mentions of this philosophy occurs in the classic Gargantua and Pantagruel written by Francois Rabelais in 1532. One episode of this epic adventure tells of the founding of an "Abbey of Thelema" as an institution for the cultivation of human virtues, which Rabelais identified as being squarely opposite the prevailing Christian proprieties of the time. The sole rule of the Abbey of Thelema was: "Do what thou wilt". This has become one of the basic tenets of Thelemic philosophy today.

Although touched upon by various prominent visionary thinkers in the following few hundred years, the seeds of Thelema sown by Rabelais eventually came to fruition in the early part of this century when developed by an Englishman named Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a poet, author, mountaineer, magician, and member of the occult society known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1904, while traveling in Egypt with his wife Rose, Crowley became inextricably involved in a series of events which he claimed to inaugurate a new aeon of human evolution. These culminated in April when Crowley entered a state of trance and wrote down the three chapters of 220 verses which came to be called The Book of the Law (also known as Liber AL and Liber Legis). Among other things, this book declared: "The word of the law is Thelema" and "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".

Crowley spent the rest of his life developing the philosophy of Thelema as revealed by the Book of the Law. The result was a voluminous output of commentary and works relating to magick, mysticism, yoga, qabalah, and other occult subjects. Virtually all of this writing bears the influence of Thelema as interpreted and understood by Crowley in his capacity as prophet of the New Aeon.

One theory holds that each chapter of the Book of the Law is associated with a particular aeon of human spiritual evolution. According to this view, Chapter One characterizes the Aeon of Isis, when the archetype of female divinity was paramount. Chapter Two relates to the Aeon of Osiris, when the archetype of the slain god became prominent, and the world's patriarchal religions became established. Chapter Three heralds the dawning of a new aeon, the Aeon of Horus, the child of the Isis and Osiris. It is in this new aeon that the philosophy of Thelema will be fully revealed to humanity, and will become established as the primary paradigm for the spiritual evolution of the species.

Some of the essential elements of belief in Thelema are:

"Every man and every woman is a star."

This is usually taken to mean that each individual is unique and has their own path in a spacious universe wherein they can move freely without collision.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." and "thou hast no right but to do thy will."

Most Thelemites hold that every person possesses a True Will, a single overall motivation for their existence. The Law of Thelema mandates that each person follow their True Will to attain fulfillment in life and freedom from restriction of their nature. Because no two True Wills can be in real conflict (according to "Every man and every woman is a star"), this Law also prohibits one from interfering with the True Will of any other person.

The notion of absolute freedom for an individual to follow his or her True Will is a cherished one among Thelemites. This philosophy also recognizes that the main task of an individual setting out on the path of Thelema is to first discover his or her True Will, giving methods of self-exploration such as magick great importance. Furthermore, every True Will is different, and because each person has a unique point-of-view of the universe, no one can determine the True Will for another person. Each person must arrive at the discovery for themselves.

"Love is the law, love under will."

This is an important corollary to the above, indicating that the essential nature of the Law of Thelema is that of Love. Each individual unites with his or her True Self in Love, and so empowered, the entire universe of conscious beings unites with every other being in Love.

Of course, with the emphasis on freedom and individuality inherent in Thelema, the beliefs of any given Thelemite are likely to differ from those of any other. In the Comment appended to The Book of the Law it is stated that: "All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself." Although Thelema is sometimes referred to as a "religion", it accommodates the full range of individual beliefs, from atheism to polytheism. The important thing is that each person has the right to fulfill themselves through whatever beliefs and actions are best suited to them (so long as they do not interfere with the will of others), and only they themselves are qualified to determine what these are.

Love is the law, love under will

Ritual Magick

Thelemites do perform ritual magick. Wands, knives, the whole bit. However, not for purposes of evil, but rather to harness the power of ones Holy Guardian Angel. Within the system of Thelema, the Holy Guardian Angel is the "Silent Self", representative of one's truest divine nature.

I'm of the opinion that Page actually performed ritual onstage during his bow solo. The first ritual a Thelemite performs is called the Banishment. It's a cleansing of all things negative. One turns to each of the four corners and invokes the spirit of that cardinal point, ending on the fifth point which is the self. In Jimmy's bow solo, he sure enough strikes one chord after another, each time turning to one of the four directions. He repeats this several time finishing pointing skyward. I've seen the ritual performed, and it's pretty clear to me that's what he's up to. But I'm must stress that this is not evil. In fact it's precisely the opposite. There are a lot of bad vibes in a rock concert audience. Belligerent people who've had too much drink. People experiencing bad drug trips. The Banishment is meant to shake that all away and ground the audience, focusing them back on the music. Of course, that's just my interpretation.

Astrology and Symbolism

Jimmy did use both in Led Zeppelin. His dragon suits bore his astrological chart signs (Capricorn, Mercury and Saturn). His "Zoso" symbol is a stylized amalgam of centuries old alchemical symbols for same.


You don't say....well that's interesting. Clears up some confusion.

Wait until I get my hands on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Thank You...

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Those of you who knew about the old thread, know what to do with this one! :lol:

A little bit of catching up...Ev & I are all moved in, everything is in the new place now. :thumbsup: Doing a bit of work, & hope to get our little business flying soon! :D

Cue theme to “The Osbournes”

The Ledheads


Evster as “The Dad” who spends most of his time hiding in his music room to escape the house full of hormonal teenagers!

ObsessedW/Zeppelin as “The Mom” who keeps the peace and keeps Evster sane.

LivingLovingMaid as “The First Daughter” Guitarist, Pythonologist and apple of Evster’s eye

Foolin Schoolin as “The Rebellious Middle Daughter” who’s neither foolin nor in need of schoolin. The source of Evster’s exasperation.

Trampledbd as "The insane younger sister who needs help.. badly"

PeRcYnJimMy4LifE as "The girl who came to dinner...and stayed."

Jonesyluver13 as Obsessed's little sister. Crue officianado and resident freak!

PD Andrews as Evster's long lost brother, who fell into a wormhole in the space-time continuum and washed up on the dank shores of the River Thames suffering from amnesia and convinced he was called Lord Jagged

Knebworthbabe as “The English Auntie” who regales the family with Zeppelin stories by the fireside.

Brspled as “The Brazilian Auntie” who keeps the family alive with her amazing, savory barbeque.

Freshmint as "Their cousin from Finland" who keeps everybody laughing with her wit.

Black_Beauty as "The Foreign Exchange Student" who dazzles with her artistic talents.

Vana Jonesy as the Auntie who's a pirate who definitely goes "Arrr" when you mention the Ox.

Nicola8090 as "The annoying nerdy neighbor who has a fond liking for the jimmy blow up doll"

Houses of Graffiti as "The perverted Horny Uncle in his mid fifties who wears Leisure Suits and does the Comb Over"

Kat24 as "The voyeuristic neighbor"

Chicken as "The freaky ass child that makes people think good thoughts or else I might maim you with my mind powers"

bonzomaniac as "The redneck neighbor from the deep south, who might shot you on site, cause he's a Ghostbustin' mutha fucka"

Samo as "The nerd that hugely OVERANALYSES everything about zep, has TWO COLORED MUSTACHE and TRIES TO SING LIKE PLANT"

theDude89 as "The cousin from Alaska who plays a mean bass guitar and bears a striking resmblance to Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.

rain_song71 as "The family massuse"-----but remember there are no "happy endings" with my massages. They are real!!!!!

Mona Koza and RoboInvisaBunny as Cousins from the southwest and keepers of the Boosh!

RobertsHoneyPot as "The family gynecologist ObiGyn Wan Kenobi"

Shyazure as "The girl who creams her jeans every time Robert screams"

Mr Guitar as "The Hippy Dude up the street"

Doublenecker as "The Floydian" The one who speaks of Pink Floyd and life.

Ilovejimmypage92 as "The spandex-obsessed cousin from Britain who is stuck in the seventies and eighties."

longbow as "The hippy son thats taking the world, one instrument at a time."

Imgonnagroove as "The family's pool guy, He plays a bit of drums, shares a birthday with Evster, but the family has no pool, and wonder what he's doing in the backyard mostly."

LZ417 as "The classical music loving Pagette from the midwest, who has a special interest in Michael Palin *nudge nudge*."

sinistergirl as "The exotic young lady from Mumbai, who 's Jimmy, & can't get enough yogurt!"

TomKid as "The Zep and cricket obsessed beer guzzling kiwi"

LD_ZEP_FAN aka Madame Manderly as "The horticulturist extraordinaire and resident teacher"

Renaissance as "The insane mental patient who escapes and is dressed like Santa Claus OR a renaissance jester"

Nadius as "Nuestra Zeppelina de la Argentina"

Master of Puppets 1992 as the Jack Black look-a-like who lives in a van with a Marshall and a "couple" of guitars. Only problem with that is he still can't figure out how to get all his gear in the van...

wendigo as the crazy flautist.

tdc the guy that geeks out with us about Zeppelin gear and stuff.

Paul The Daddy of Techniques

Fenix as The barman who drinks more than he serves

Leddy as the estranged Uncle that just turns up from time to time that forgets birthdays etc !!

Roisin Dubh as the stoned hippy

Percy the loyal Black Dog

Pagey the cat (slightly underfed and always dancing on a precipice.)

Jonesy the precocious parrot

Bonzo the fish

Schnooky the cat, lover of Pagey.

Fluffy the Killer Rabbit

I show up to your housewarming party to find that I have been unexplicably stricken from the family tree, no doubt due to exposing myself at so many family reunions. <_<

Therefore, I have responded in kind by making my own special contribution to the party:



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You don't say....well that's interesting. Clears up some confusion.

Wait until I get my hands on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Thank You...


I show up to your housewarming party to find that I have been unexplicably stricken from the family tree, no doubt due to exposing myself at so many family reunions. <_<

Therefore, I have responded in kind by making my own special contribution to the party:



:o I always thought you were on the list! Hmmm...

:hysterical: Oh well, I don't have to worry. I don't drink beer. :P

Oh, my poor hunni! :unsure:


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Hi Angi and Ev!!!!

I drove past your old house today when I went to Santa Margarita Catholic High School to do some interviews. I was like "I should drop in and say hi," but then reality set in. :(

I miss you guys so much!!!!

Just wanted to say hi! :P

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I show up to your housewarming party to find that I have been unexplicably stricken from the family tree, no doubt due to exposing myself at so many family reunions. <_<

Therefore, I have responded in kind by making my own special contribution to the party:




I guess I'd better run and inspect my own beer before :ahem: drinking it....


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