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German bands wanted ?

Tea for Tanja

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Can- Similar to Faust. Very avant-garde and minimalist. But they're smoother around the edges.

Kraftwerk- Came to define the sound of "krautrock" and electronic music. If you're into rap/hip-hop, they were frequently sampled and used in the early years.


The Monks- Technically made of American G.I.s based in Germany, but described as the "ultimate punk band" for their simplicity and 'I'm pissed at everybody' mentality.

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Germany has offered many good bands especially in the early 70's with the krautrock scene. About Krautrock I posted this thread with BBC documentary of KR which might be of interest to both of you if you haven't seen it. Also I got this DVD bootleg a short while ago with a bunch of Krautrock band performances.

Two festivals worthy of note is Burg Herzberg Festival and the Blue Soul Festival.

Current bands there are some the most prominent I think is Colour Haze.

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being Austrian, i was obviously quite close to german music and there are a few bands that i still listen to a lot...old and new

kraftwerk - obvious choice i guess

canalterror - an early punk band - pure, raw, great

tocotronic - really like them

Die Aerzte - their old stuff is brilliant

Die Toten Hosen - again the older the stuff the better, they are still massive in germany

Blumentopf - very smart lyrics

and a few Austrian acts you should try (if you dare)

Bauchklang - basically 5 guys who just use their voices as instruments. call it beatboxing, call it vocal groove, whatever it is they are awesome...see them live if you can

Attwenger - austrian folk punk sung in dialect (so don't even attempt to understand the lyrics, even as a native from a different part of the country i sometimes struggle). But the only austrian act ever who got the nod from the great John Peel who said I don't know what this noise is, but i love it...

Kruder & Dorfmeister - austria's famous sons of the modern era....excellent DJ's - check out the K&D Sessions

Waldeck - another DJ but some awesome stuff. check out The Night Garden - my first port of call when i want to chill out....made many plane journeys a lot nicer.


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Thanks fo the replies.It is intresting to see that you all seem to be in the older music of Germany.

I like this bands ,too .Wonder why is there no new band listed in here? Maybe because we all are more into the 70 th and todays music is often bad.

Colour Haze is a new band from Germany. You could probably discover more bands from Germany through them. Here's a list called German Motors of new German bands but the only ones I've heard besides CH is Samsara Blues Experiment and Orcus Chylde.

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