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Tampa, Florida June 3, 1977


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This was a outdoor show held at the Tampa Stadium in Florida on June 3rd 1977. If you have ever heard the live audio of this show it was a great start to the 10th show on the 2nd leg of the US 1977 tour. There were 70,000 fans in attendance. After they played The Song Remains the Same, Sick Again, and Nobody's Fault but Mine- it was stopped and then a riot erupted with the fans and the police. It took me years to find some photos for this show-so enjoy.

Aerial view


Promo photo-backstage


Alternate photo to the one above- Bonzo is smiling :D


Jimmy Page -backstage


John Paul Jones -backstage


The Song Remains the Same



The Song Remains the Same-except lower right pic is Sick Again


Sick Again


Sick Again


Sick Again



Riot with fans and police on the field at the stadium


Another view of the riot


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Thank-you so much for posting these! :bravo: I'm going to bookmark this page.

I was there. See me down there, about a third of the way back in the field, waving (wearing a pink shirt)?

What a mass of people that day. People were there for hours ahead waiting for the band.

My experience there was actually fun for the most part. It probably helped considerably that my friends and I were all pretty mellow and high that day. :rolleyes:

It was thrilling to hear TSRTS, but no Rain Song for me,--plenty of rain though.

You know, the riot stuff must have happened away from me because I recall an orderly exit from Tampa Stadium that night.

The next day I proudly wore my Led Zep '77 black t-shirt and picked up both local papers. I swear I think one of them estimated a crowd capacity of 83,000 people. But I might not recall accurately or The St. Pete Times bumped the numbers up. :o

Thanks again for posting the pix. I think I'll just look at these awhile and think of what was and what could have been......:) missy

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relased on this 10 lp multi color vinyl set back in the day......didn't have a pic of mine so i stole one B)


Saw this set at a record convention back in the 80's. Never bought it because it seemed to be a collection of partial shows and I was young and looking for complete ones. Oh well....

Thanks for sharing those pictures - amazing photos!!! :thumbsup:

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Here is the links to listen to the show. The source I have in my collection has the complete Nobody's Fault but Mine but this one on youtube doesn't <_<

It is so funny- right before The Song Remains theSame some guy yells " Bring on the Blimp" then another guy yells "Robert Plant you have great hair" :hysterical:

Then you can hear somebody blowing a fog horn while they are playing- gotta love audience recordings. :D

Great to look at the pics while listening to headphones- Instant Time Machine :thumbsup:

Great version.

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Stadium concert memories are happy, hazy, horrid

Tampa Tribune / 03.18.11


".... Many respondents recalled Tampa Stadium's most infamous show – the June 3, 1977, Led Zeppelin concert that was scratched after three songs because of bad weather.

"I went with a friend from high school and I remember listening to Robert Plant and seeing a huge black thunder cloud start to move right across the sky," writes Mary Jane Jeffrey. "I had never seen a cloud like it … a giant round cloud that looked as if it was the same size as the stadium itself."

"For a good 45 minutes it rained like I've never seen before," writes John Stobbe. "Then it totally cleared up, and we were expecting the show to go on. But with no explanation, the announcer came on and said the concert was cancelled. The fans couldn't understand why. Bottles of liquor were being hurled onto the stage, and then police in riot gear came charging over the barricades and swatting fans."

Patrick McCusker and his girlfriend got there late and waited out the rain in his car.

Walking up to the stadium, McCusker writes, "things were being thrown over the top from inside, and as we got to the gate – people were running out of the stadium and warning us not to go in there.

"We got back to the car just in time to see the police cars coming from all directions," he writes.

"The only good thing that came out of this is that I started picking up ticket stubs laying on the ground and later turned them in at the local record store for a refund and made over $100," writes Ted Newbury."

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Some fan pics, courtesy of Mario Sanchez. Interesting that the mirrored ball was used for this outdoor show, on that huge crane...










Yeah, that crane wouldn't be too much of a lightening rod later or anything...  That stage seems so primitive, even for the 70's!  Thanks for posting those, Sam! :)   

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I wonder if the crane was one of the reasons the show was cancelled. Those things can be a serious danger in high winds, forget the rain, just recently in China I believe a crane collapsed and took out two buildings due to wind. Does anyone know if it was windy after the rain had passed?

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