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Raising Sand Revue Vs. Band of Joy


Raising Sand Revue Vs. Band of Joy  

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  1. 1. Which tour did you enjoy more: The Raising Sand Revue or Band of Joy?

    • Raising Sand Revue
    • Band of Joy

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I absolutely loved both and it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite. Before Raising Sand I never listened to Bluegrass or Americana knowingly. I might have picked up the odd track on the radio but that was it. The album was just pure musical beauty and seeing the whole thing live was simply outstanding. the fantastic musicianship on display, the cheekiness of it and some great voices having a ball. You could tell how much fun Robert had and that continued into his next project.

I guess the BOJ comes out slightly on top as i was privileged to see them in that church in mayfair in front of 300 people. That was just one of those magical moments and probably helped swing it. I saw them also the next day at the Forum and then at the Roundhouse for the Electric Proms, and on all 3 occassions i was just overwhelmed with joy. The songs were great, the Zeppelin remakes ranged from phenomenal to interesting, Buddy Miller and Darrell Scott are magicians of their instruments and the whole vibe was incredible.

What both projects showed clearly is that when you take a pool of talent, add some flavour and a few laughs it will always come good. Some might not like that " redneck hillbilly shit" and want Robert to only do "proper music" until he rocks in his rocking chair or rolls in a wheel chair. I much rather have this incredibly talented hero of mine, do what he likes and enjoy the right....so to answer the questions it's BOJ but only just, as Raising Sand was an equally rewarding album both for the artists and fans.

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