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Tura Satana passes away at 72:(

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Wait a minute, was she a "groupie"? I hate to say that but she looks familiar from a tv special I saw awhile back. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are right. I just watched not to long ago the Pamela Des Barres Documentary where Pam visited her and she showed off the ring Elvis gave her.

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Showbiz is a master at underrating TRUE talent and pushing starlettes or crappy singers / bands to "stardom":):):)

Unfortunally you are right.This always fascinates me about Zep.

Making all these masterpieces ,ignoring the commercial aspects and still being so wellknown.

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I know a hughe fan of her who even organized a tour with her a few years ago.

He was impressed by her dark power and said you can not compare her with any other woman.

It was the time when JPJ was around with "Diamond".I told him about this strong woman and

(after he saw a clip of them )he had to agree that she had alot of the real power of Tura.

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