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Favorite Album Opener


Favorite Album Opener  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite album opener

    • Good Times Bad Times (Zep I)
    • Whole Lotta Love (Zep II)
    • Immigrant Song (Zep III)
    • Black Dog (IV)
    • The Song Remains The Same (Houses of the Holy)
    • Custard Pie (Physical Graffiti)
    • Achilles Last Stand (Presence)
    • In The Evening (In Through The Out Door)
    • We're Gonna Groove (Coda)

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is one poll I honestly can't participate in - I just plain cannot choose one! I never realized how great those opening songs were on each album!

It's always hard to participate in a "best of" poll in regards to ANYTHING Led Zeppelin related. And yes, I noticed how the albums all had good openers. It was a big part of the reason I decided to make this poll.

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This is a tough one!

I love ITE for it's slow drony, middle eastern intro, then Robert cries out "in the evening...." and BOOM! Love it!

Custard Pie is an AWESOME tune, classic Zep at their peak. Riffy, bassy, and funny when you realize what Custard Pie is in this song.

Black Dog is what introduced me to Zep....I had never (and still haven't) heard anyone do a song like this. So complex, so powerful, broken down into "mini songs" within, and just an AWESOME guitar solo as it fades away....

If I can only have one, it's Black Dog but damn.....I'll sneak the other two under my shirt as I leave.

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Wow, this suits very much to WLL too! Well done, Tazu. ;)

If it's actually possible, i think WLL is Sexier than Custard Pie, it just have always been a bit too Mainstream for my taste, Custard Pie is more Obscure and only a minority of people Know about it, It's a song for true zeppelin believers, that gives it the edge for me :) .

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  • 3 weeks later...

Led Zeppelin had excellent songs to open albums with. They paid attention to the running order of all their albums. Rock N Roll would have been a better choice to open their fourth album.

My choice - The Song Remains The Same - It hits hard and doesn't stop. Like all others, the musicianship is incredible.

Achilles Last Stand is a close second.

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  • 3 months later...

I remember the how the Album seemed to come Alive with "In The Evening" Arriving from a Distant and Slowly Grabbing You!!!!!!!

Yet I could Never Knock the 1st Song "Goodtimes Badtimes".... Damn I'd start every Album with that!

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ummm well i love all the album openers and to help my undecisiveness is this:

9. We're Gonna Groove

8. Custard Pie

7. Good Times Bad Times

6. Immigrant Song

5. Black Dog

4. The Song Remains the Same

3. In The Evening

2. Whole Lotta Love

1. Achilles Last Stand

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