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Favorite Album Opener

Favorite Album Opener  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite album opener

    • Good Times Bad Times (Zep I)
    • Whole Lotta Love (Zep II)
    • Immigrant Song (Zep III)
    • Black Dog (IV)
    • The Song Remains The Same (Houses of the Holy)
    • Custard Pie (Physical Graffiti)
    • Achilles Last Stand (Presence)
    • In The Evening (In Through The Out Door)
    • We're Gonna Groove (Coda)

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I always thought Communication Breakdown would've been the best selection to kick off Zeppelin 1, it's just a raw fast song that's impossible not to headbang to but Good Times Bad Times was an excellent as well. Now what was the best song to end an album? How Many More Times, Bring It On Home.....? :)

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Good Times Bad Times. Not just because it's an awesome song, but because it's what I call a landmark Zeppelin song.

To me, it represents Led Zeppelin basicly saying ''Here we are, this is our first Album, and we are not like other bands, and we want to impress you with the first 5 seconds''

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If the O2 show never took place, I wonder if many of you would still pick "Good Times Bad Times" as your favorite album opener...

I doubt that very much.

"Good Times Bad Times" is my second choice, and it's not because of the O2. GTBT is an amazing album opener, especially for the first album. A killer riff and groove, blistering solos, awesome bass runs, and let's not forget Bonzos bass drum (which still blows me away). Something totally different than what was happening in 1969.

I chose "Whole Lotta Love", mostly because LZ II is my favorite album.

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Too difficult to choose a favorite.  For me the one that had the greatest immediate impact was Custard Pie.  First, I was 15 and very impressionable.  It had been almost two years since HOTH so we were all starving for Zeppelin.  At 14-15 years old a year seems like a lifetime.  It was so different from anything on HOTH.  So raunchy, so sleazy, a perfect opening to the most titanic album ever.  It sounded even more "forbidden" than LZII.  Maybe it was just because I was 15 and it was 1975.  Everytime I hear it, it takes me right back to the first time I heard it.  As an added bonus, the way the keyboard snakes around the guitar in the opening.

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