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Band of Joy cover songs

boogie woogie

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If we we're asked to help with the set list what songs would people like to hear and why? Zep, Plant solo career, other artists.

I'm reminded of how many covers the Jerry Garcia Band and the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band played. He's another example of a weel known rock musician who was heavily steeped in Americana music. Blues, folk, bluegrass, country, jug band, Motown, jazz, etc.

Here's a few covers I would like to hear the Band of Joy play

Celebration Day : I read in a recent Rolling Stone interview that Robert has considered playing Celebration Day I think that would be great to hear

Babe I'm On Gonna Leave You: a radical reworking of this familiar folk song

a familiar Motown song: a specific song title does not come to mind but I thinking with Darrell Scott and Patty Griffin's soulful voices a roosty rework would be fun

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Can't say I really consider Zep and solo tunes to be "covers". That aside, as much as I've enjoyed Plant's reinterpretations of others' material, I'm much more excited about the prospect of the original material he said is on the way.

Agreed "covers" is not the best word for Zep and solo tunes. I am also very excited about the prospect of original material from this band.

Since they are currently out on tour and are adding songs. I'm curious to know what other songs people would like to hear.

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