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So i was wondering what you guys think of the band Phish. I resented them for years up until just before New Years when I had to miss the 2nd night for my guitar lesson. Turned out that show had some of my favorite songs they do and they performed some great versions. (Worcester if anyone cares) I started listening after that and honestly, I wish I started listening them sooner. I feel like they are the modern Led Zeppelin. They all sing and play, but their band chemistry is almost as good as Zeppelin's.

The funny thing is... Trey Anastasio (the leader of the band) is a huge Jimmy Page fan and on their demo tape that they recorded in 1983 I believe has a track called 'A Letter to Jimmy Page'

They play it live here too. Very rare for them to play it.


They have also done a fair amount of Zeppelin covers.

-Misty mountain hop

-ramble on

- the rover

-good times bad times

They have done more but yea....

What do you guys think?

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So i was wondering what you guys think of the band Phish.

I saw them around '91 or so when they were still playing bars. I have a friend who's a huge fan so it was mainly on his word (plus, free promo tix didn't hurt) that we made the trek to Norfolk to see them at the now defunct Boathouse. I liked the show and enjoy some of their studio material well enough but but not to the point of actively seeking out their records or following them on tour. I have some friends that love the Grateful Dead that immediately latched onto Phish the moment Garcia died. I don't fall into that category either. They fall under the category of a band I respect but I'm not really a fan. There's others out there that have plied the "jam band" trade much better than they have, namely the Grateful Dead themselves.

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