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Bonham Named Greatest Drummer

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ah, so is it just an urban myth/legend that macca played the drums on the early beatles records?

Whos knows about this, but I'm sure someone here can answer it. But I know Macca has played drums on record over the years on some of his solo ventures.

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Rumour has it that Paul played drums on Back In The USSR, Dear Prudence, The Ballad Of John & Yoko, Why Don't We Do It In The Road? & Wild Honey Pie. Four of those songs are from The White Album.

Ringo had left the band for a short period of time during the recording of The White Album and Paul took over the drums while he was gone.

Paul also often gave instruction to Ringo on how to play the drum parts.

A good example of that is the drum part in Ticket To Ride.

Perhaps someone can confirm this?

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Do all of you know which version of 'Love Me Do' you're listening to?_ Ringo DOES NOT play on most version's you hear, that's a session drummer, Andy White. I'd bet the farm that at least half of you heralding Ringo are actually hearing Andy White. If the version you're listening to has a tambouring, well that's Ringo on it and Andy on the drums. Ringo plays on the version without a tambourine in it._ After saying that, I LOVE Ringo. The Beatles had EXACTLY who and what they needed for their band. And as a poster mentioned, if this poll meant the most technical drummers, they're be a whole different lot alltogether.

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Never knew that.  But being that it was recorded in 1962 makes sense, when Ringo wasn't permanent yet.

Actually Ringo WAS permanent then. The first version recorded on Sept 4, 1962 was Ringo on drums and George Martin wasn't comfortable with, to him, and unproven drummer. The version of Love Me Do that's played MOST of the time was recorded on Sept. 11, one week later with Andy. To listen to both, Andy's version really isn't superior, but that's the one used.

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Matter of fact, that version of Love Me Do posted is Andy White on drums, NOT Ringo. Sorry Silver Rider and the rest.

The song was originally recorded with Pete Best on drums in June 1962 but the version I heard when it first came out in the UK in October 1962 and released here, was with Ringo on drums and no tambourine.

White's version was released in the US.

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The song was originally recorded with Pete Best on drums in June 1962 but the version I heard when it first came out in the UK in October 1962 and released here, was with Ringo on drums and no tambourine. White's version was released in the US.

Yeah, the Ringo version WAS the first released as a single in the UK. But the subsequent releases on LP were all the Andy White versions, at least in the UK and the US. I'm not sure about the Australian releases on single vs. LP.

And Pete Best's version wasn't ever released until the Anthology series of the mid 90s. It was never in legit circulation back in the day anywhere.

The versions of Ringo's "Love Me Do" out now are all sourced from a pristine copy of a 45rpm vinyl record. The original tapes are out of pocket. Through time as the digital age became the norm, the versions you'd hear was the Andy White session one, unless some radio DJ had their original 45rpm copy they'd play over the air.

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Not sure if this is old but just pretty interesting. Other than the top 3 the list is pretty bad. Except for Dave Grohl maybe. But definitely not that high.

Led Zeppelin's legendary sticksman tops Rolling Stone reader's poll.

The reader poll, conducted last week, saw Bonzo top the chart ahead of The Who's Keith Moon and Rush's Neil Peart.

Other drummers to appear in the top ten include Cream's Ginger Baker and Santana's Michael Shrieve.

Here's the top ten:

01. John Bonham

02. Keith Moon

03. Neil Peart

04. Dave Grohl

05. Ringo Starr

06. Buddy Rich

07. Stewart Copeland

08. ?uestlove

09. Ginger Baker

10. Michael Shrieve

Led Zeppelin band mate John Paul Jones said that Bonham’s talent on the drums was easy to spot, and that from the first time he watched him play he was convinced about his skills.

"Thirty seconds," he claimed. "The first thing we ever played together, the first time we met was in a rehearsal studio in Lyle street in London and we played a thing called A Train Kept a Rolling, which was a Yardbirds song, and as soon as we started, by about the fourth bar I realised this is going to be great, this is a great drummer."

Jones also praised Bonham’s style. "He plays behind the beat or in front of the beat depending on what it needs, what the beat needs, most drummers can only play on the beat if they’re lucky, but he could move it around which takes a good bit of skill and musical awareness to know that it needs to be moved around," he added.

Bonham has continued to be a major influence for a number of successful artists, with rock drummers such as Tony Thompson, Tommy Lee, Peter Criss, Stewart Copeland and Chad Smith all citing him as an inspiration.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters once described him as being the "greatest drummer of all time" and it is likely that he will continue to encourage new generations of drummers for years to come.

So many better drummers out there. it an old farts list.

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Somewhere in heaven, Karen Carpenter is hopping mad and demanding a written apology in Rolling Stone...

BTW, I thought the Beatles session drummer was named Alan White, not Andy White. He's not the same Alan White who later became the drummer for Yes (though Yes' Alan White did play with Lennon's Plastic Ono Band - confused yet?). linky here: http://oldies.about.com/od/britishinvasion/a/lovemedo.htm

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OK, here's my take on that list :

1. It's really nice seeing Bonzo right there at the top! :D

2. I'm glad Ginger Baker has been appreciated for his wonderful contributions! :) About time too! Sheesh! :rolleyes:

3. I want to know where the fuck is Mitch Mitchell?! He should have been within the top 5, atleast! :angry:

Sorry folks! I know that this is "just" a list but I can express my opinion on it, can't I? :P

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I like Ansley Dunbar. His drumming on Journey's first album, when Rolle did vocals and they didn't have Steve Perry, is damn good.

Don't get the Ringo love, myself. Is he better than Charlie Watts?

I think Bonzo meant more to his group than anybody else on this list. Moon, Peart and Baker are also way up on that measuring stick.

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I don't know.. I never saw anything about Ringo that really stood out to me... I know this a Zeppelin forum, and they're tied with Queen for my favorite band, but in my honest opinion, I think Neil Peart takes it on drums... There's things he does that just makes you think "What the fuck??? Seriously??? How????"

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