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Favorite Led Zeppelin Riff



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  1. 1. Favorite Riff?

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Good Times Bad Times

Communication Breakdown

How Many More Times

Moby Dick

Whole Lotta Love

The Lemon Song

Bring It On Home


Immigrant Song

Out on The Tiles

Celebration Day

Black Dog

Rock And Roll

Four Sticks

Misty Mountain Hop

When The Levee Breaks

The Ocean

The Crunge


Over The Hills and Far Away

The Song Remains The Same

Custard Pie

In The LIght

The Rover (why has this not been mentioned yet?)

Houses of The Holy


The Wanton Song

Royal Orleans

Hots on For Nowhere

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Tea for One (intro)

In The Evening

We're Gonna Groove

Wearing and Tearing

Walters Walk


Best riff in the catalouge, IN MY OPINION before you start getting all :wizard: on me.

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A very hard choice... I only chose Immigrant Song because I happened to be listening to it... all the riffs are just plain amazing... especially Kashmir, Bring It On Home, Heartbreaker, No Quarter... it all depends on my mood...

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"Whole Lotta Love"

Jimmy has created a lot of good riffs but "Whole Lotta Love" has always been my favourite. My second favourite would be "Kashmir".

I love the whole lotta love riff infact I play it on guitar all the time all its is is Em and a few notes but it is one of the best rock riffs of all time
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No quarter .... The Rover .... Custard pie .... In The Evening .... carouselambra (Each theme has an amazing riff) ... Bring it on home (i adore the blues at the beginning, but since this is basic 12-bar blues, then it's not really considered a riff)... For your life (Ferocious Riff and lethal Solo) ... Immigrant song ... The Crunge ... Royal orleans ....

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Heartbreaker with WLL in second. I have listened to Heartbreaker for over 30 years and I still always get the hugest grin on my face when it begins because it's just SUCH a loose, fun, cool riff. I will never get tired of hearing that song kick in.

(WLL is my favorite Zeppelin song and my overall favorite rock song; one reason being the bad-ass riff.)

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I remember as a 23 before going to bed, I heard bring it on home (when I met LZ). I listened to this until 2 am. The next day, I was late to school, but that was not the only time that I missed somewhere in the LZ

I do not know how to choose the best riff but, mention a few in no particular order

Black Dog, Wholle Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Bring It Home They, White Summer, In my time of dying, Howa Many More Times

Sorry for so many, but I could not miss anything (and yes even came to the Ocean and many others) I'm afraid that I would say all the songs, because they are awesome riffs Page

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Over the Hills and Far Away live riff is simply amazing:

Listen to the riff before the solo (4:54), it's simply magic.

PD: The video is the best version of the song I ever found (but I'm not a treasure hunter).

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The track Houses of the Holy what a great riff and love the quick

changes within the riff itself. The Rover another great riff but the other

one without question Whole Lotta Love, listen to it close how he changes

it ever so slightly on the third one

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