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Test pressing of TSRTS


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Hello people,

just stumbled upon this and bought it for an idiotically low price:


It seems to be the 2nd disk of the original TSRTS and is of South-American origin (possibly Argentina)

Just wondered exactly what it is, if the record is really rare and what it's value is on the market (I paid 29 Euro for it actually).

Hope someone can answer my question.

Thanks in advance.

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IMO I think it's the average price for that album: I mean in these days / years and not 20 years ago ...

It's not that rare because it's usually offered by south american stockist of large amount of records and there are not so many worldwide collectors interested on promos and rare officiale items

As you can see on my worldwide discography it's exactly what you said: an argentinian promo (Argentina Albums)

I'll be interested on a better and bigger picture of the label to upload on my site.

Thanks (anyway, nice catch)

p.s. the average price is for BOTH records (complete album), if you've one only it's out of its value

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