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Ya want to hear something really cool?

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my youngest sister was born may 31st (same day as john bonham)

my older brother was born june 18th (same day as paul mccartney)

my mother was born the same day and year as mary tyler moore (dec 29 1936)

my uncle was born same day and year as john lennon (october 9 1940)

and .............. i was born the same day as neil sedaka and adam clayton (march 13th)

small world huh?

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No really that's pretty cool.

I share a birthday with a bunch of forgotten or unknown celebs hehehe like Crispin Glover, Matthew and Gunner Nelson, and my very favorite[?].... Jackie Lawless, the fickin' drummer for the Jonas Brothers :sarcastic_hand::hysterical:

Seriously, I wonder if that's Blackie Lawless' kid? I may have to google that later.....

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I share my birthday (September 12th) with Neil Peart, Barry White, and Hans Zimmer. Not too shabby. :P

Neil Peart is a Virgo too? HOW COOL IS THAT?! I figured as much, 'cause we Virgos are driven! ...like a pimped out car!:rollin:

my id is my real name

:munchies:aaaaaw, yer pullin' ma'leg! For reals?
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:munchies:aaaaaw, yer pullin' ma'leg! For reals?

that's real..

another fact about me, i was born on January 12, 1980,

1. 3 days after jimmy page bday, damn i wish C section is cheaper during that time :slapface:

2. the year ledzep disband,

3. day and month when atlantic records release their debut album led zeppelin B)

i can show you my certificate of live birth if you wish..:P

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Well, I share my birthday with Imogen Heap, Felicity Huffman and Kara Dioguardi, but, honestly, I couldn't care less. To me, it is just a chronological coincidence! It doesn't mean a damn thing. Even if Jim Morrison had been born on the 9th of December rather than the 8th, I still wouldn't give a damn.

The only thing I actually care about as far as birthdays are concerned, is the fact that my mom was born on the 10th of December and I was born on the day before her 28th birthday. It is for this reason that she sometimes refers to me as "her 28th birthday present" :wub:

Why is that fact important you ask? Because that fact is about my mom and I love her so much and we share this incredible bond! Now, that's pretty cool and special in my book! B)

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