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Bath Festival footage

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I don't know a whole lot but I remember right after the Zep dvd came out in 2003 there was rumour that JImmy was in talks with someone who had pro-footage of Bath 1970 but they wanted too much money for it. And Jimmy being Mr. 'Led Wallet' lol

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Yea, that's probably the 8mm stuff! but, I know that pagey has black & white footage from bath 70', that is not synched but obviously could be, with the circulating audience recordings, same goes for the 8mm stuff :D

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I thought the word was there was an exposure or picture issue with the video footage.

Pretty sure i read this somewhere else too but here is snippet from Led Zeppelin: The Concert File:

"The performance was filmed on instruction from Peter Grant for potentical future use, with no less than four different film crews in attendance. Peter Whitehead, who worked with them at Albert Hall, filmed the entire Zeppelin set for Grant but the film had incorrect exposure and was unusable. No Footage from this is believed to have survived

"British Lions films were in charge of the Eidaphor TV projector screen at the festival and also recorded some acts on two inch tape. They were refused permission to shoot Zeppelin. Another team Paradise/TVX recored in black and white on one inch video tape. Again they did not shoot Zeppelin. Finally Gentle Giante Films recorded on colour 16 mm. It is believed this source produced the sole footage of Zeppelin and still exists though as yet it has not surfaced. "

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