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What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You

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Led Zeppelin: The first three things you smoked were banana peels, catnip, and poppies, in that order.

I never smoked anything, I swear!! :hippy:

The Moody Blues: You are a former volunteer at the Liberace museum, a serial killer, or both. :huh: Oh, hell no!

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My greatest joy is painting unventilated rooms.

Mine too, mine too. :D I guess it's therapeutic........

Aerosmith: You know a store that still sells puffy Reeboks

No, but I do know a store that sells puffy Adidas Supstar II's! ;)

The Who: You own a Goldwing with a baby-changing station

Someday, most likely.

The Rolling Stones: You own three cars and no stereo

Correction: I own three stereos and no cars!

The Beatles: You can do exactly 1.5 pull-ups

Aint that the truth!

Rush: You carry a small flashlight everywhere, and use it at least three times a day


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