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Owlsley Stanley


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So The Bear 65wmu0.jpg dies in a car wreck. Survived all those years of taking acid, with his mental faculties intact.

LSD consumers, manufacturer's and promoters are vilified, scorned, ostracized, persecuted, prosecuted and considered by some, the dregs of society.

Auto manufacturers are praised, given government bail-outs, and are among the most important of all manmade consumables. Arguably so was LSD.

Sure, some people died of their LSD adventures, but a whole lot more.....ratio wise, have died as the result of car accidents.

Crazy world ain't it ?

Europe72.jpg gl

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I had some of his concoction in the day.


Me too Red, straight from himself via my sister and my ex. It was called Purple Owsley. The Best!

May he trip the lights fantastic in that vast space we call the universe.

Did I not read he too wanted his ashes released in space?

RIP Owsley, thanks for my many long strange trips.

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It wasn't just the acid he contributed to society that made him a pioneer...as the man who designed the Dead's sound system he deserves to be recognized as the man who had a lot to do with the improvements in concert sound systems during the '70's.

Goodbye Bear. R.I.P.

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It was called Purple Owsley. The Best!

I had taken mostly bunk before I finally got a hold of that. It was too much for me though and I paid dearly (though it was a blast while it lasted).

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Yeah...but I bet it was a small price to pay to blast out of earths orbit !!

Hundred's of thousands just to ride the shuttle, and that's IF and WHEN they allow passengers.

You're OK redrum, no apparent damage that I can see. :D

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The Dead Recall the Colorful Life of LSD Pioneer Owsley Stanley'

He’s responsible in great part for the Grateful Dead,' says Mickey Hart. 'We'd be quite a different band without him'


Ed Perlstein/Redferns/Getty

By David Browne

On March 12, the extended Grateful Dead family lost one of its most crucial allies and collaborators when Owsley Stanley — the band’s one-time soundman, in-house chemist, intellectual stimulus, and sometime artist – died at age 76. Driving home from the Sydney, Australia, airport to his home near Cairns in Queensland (where he had lived since 1982), Stanley’s truck hit a patch of deep mud and water and flipped over, killing him instantly.

Even in the iconoclastic world of the Dead, Stanley — or "The Bear," as he was known, thanks to his hairy chest — was an enigmatic figure, known for vast intelligence, all-meat diet and aversion to being photographed. His life prior to meeting the Dead included a stint in the Air Force and with the Marin Ballet Company (he was a ballet dancer) and working in a jet lab and at a radio station. After a pivotal acid trip in 1964, Stanley began making his own LSD and met the Dead at one of Ken Kesey’s acid tests the following year. From that point on, Stanley’s influence on the band was profound: He funded their first sound system, conceived the idea for the band’s iconic lightning-bolt-and-skull logo, recorded many of their early shows and designed their short-lived Wall of Sound PA system in 1974.

To read the rest of the article click here.

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