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O2 Concert on TV in America?

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So where's your customer complaint desk?

Complaint department is on the third floor. :D

Because your original guarentee was we would see the concert. Now you've gone a step further and guaranteed we will see and hear it but then taken a

step back by adding the disclaimer "in some manner".

In your haste of analyzing my original post you must have missed the part where I stated....

One way or another, you will see this concert. Guaranteed.

Steve, you and I both know I cannot Guarantee a damn thing. I'd like to think it's a good bet though.

As an accomplished concert taper, I almost see the humor in your inquiry pertaining to if I'm at

all familiar with video camera technology.

I am impressed with your credentials. I am also happy that you almost have a sense of humor, since the comment was obviously sarcastic.

Pet Peeve: there should be an apostrophe after "the band's eye", since it's a possesive, and there shouldn't be one after video cameras, because that's a plural. Just doing my bit to save written English, pardon me, carry on...

No pardon necessary, I too have pet peeves. However, I will keep them to myself, for now.

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I'm with Mr. Z....we'll see it "in some form or another" probably "another" after a while. I wouldn't be surpised it the band themselves leaked a bit of footage, c'mon look at the media hype they are building and WE are contributing to! We are all just falling right in line. And as a media expert, whoever that poster was.....I guess ya aint THAT good or ya woulda gotten the goods. I don't think you should be calling yourself an expert when you've already admitted your failures.....a true expert would have gotten the footage so let's get real here...we'll at least some of it...then we'll pay for more....

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